isafebagsHave you ever felt unsafe while walking around at night or alone in an unknown area? Now imagine wearing a backpack (that doubles as a laptop carrier) with a built in alarm system.

I’m talking CRAZY LOUD.


You simply pull the cord built into the chest strap and 125 decibels(!) scream out the back side of this backpack away from your ears.

I was thrilled to test an Urban Crew iSafe Laptop backpack. They retail at $89 and have a protection plan where you can replace your bag for 50% of the original price according to their website and FAQs. I have traveled on 2 long road trips and a plane trip in the past 3 weeks, so I put this little back pack to the ‘mom-test’.

I filled it with my 15 inch laptop and my Nikon DSLR and all the paraphernalia of long trips, you know:

  • snacks
  • phone cords
  • iPad
  • more cords
  • overnight clothes
  • reading material
  • and more cords!

Not only did all my mom-stuff fit inside the backpack, but there is a real ease to finding everything without painful searching.

There’s one thing I don’t love about this bag, it doesn’t stand up. If it’s packed with a laptop it tips over onto the front zippered compartments and won’t stand up. But it’s very comfortable to wear even when packed heavy.

See my video showing how roomy and cushioned the backpack is, TONS of zippered pouches. And my favorite part is the small opening at the top—perfect for your cell phone, keys, chap stick and if traveling—your passport etc.!

Warning: if you intend to use the iSafe bags in an airport you need to take out the batteries in the safety alarm first. And expect a little delay at TSA while they inspect and possibly ask you questions about the safety alarm in the bottom of the bag. I had no problems going through security with the bag.



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Disclaimer: Carissa was offered this backpack to try at no cost to her. However her thoughts (and those 3 long trips) are all her own. And she really DOES love that little pocket at the top of the bag!