TravelingMom: A Parents Magazine’s 50 Best of the Web!

TravelingMom has been a force on the web for years. A collection of strong women of all ages from various backgrounds who come together for the love of family (and solo) travel! Thanks to our weekly Twitter parties every Monday at 9 p.m. ET, we were chosen by Parents Magazine as a 50 Best of the Web winner – and we’re just thrilled! The timing is particularly celebratory for us as we all head off to Walt Disney World for our annual Writer’s Retreat next week and will be able to celebrate as a team. Read on for our thoughts and...

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Sunburn Protection with Brain Fitness Sunscreen Fun

Summer sun is almost here and that’s the time to be concerned with sun and skin. Sunburn hurts! I’m the #BrainFitnessTMOM so my focus is on the brain but here I have a quick read that includes some brain workout fun and could save other parts or all of you and your kids. As a concerned #TMOM myself, travel is fun, skin cancer is not. Sunburn Protection with Brain Fitness Sunscreen Fun Sunscreen comes in all textures in pump, spray or tube. (Spray doesn’t work as well for this Brain Fitness fun.) Before applying sunscreen, give each child a hug...

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Terminally Ill Loved One – Should You Stay or Should You Go?

Time seems to freeze the moment you learn that someone you love has been given a prognosis and labeled as “terminally ill”. Unfortunately, as much as we dislike it, time and life go on after the diagnosis has been made. And that may include keeping your travel plans. But only YOU can make that decision. The prognosis said we still had 3-5 months left with her. But for some reason, even after speaking to the hospice nurse who reassured me that the only reason she was so lethargic was because of the new pain medicine, I still had an...

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Do the Holidays Make Expats Miss Home More?

Going on our fifth year living overseas, I’m constantly reminded of things I miss from “home.” Sometimes it’s the ease of simple grocery shopping, or perhaps the social norms I expect in certain situations, such as queuing. I get excited when I find the red cup at Starbucks symbolizing the beginning of the holiday season! These feeling are something common among the expat community wherever I go, and I’m still intrigued by what other expats miss the most. I got the chance to get some feedback from some fellow ladies on a local expat Facebook page, Desiree from the...

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River Cruise: Traveling with Breast Cancer

Vienna and Salzburg. Budapest. The Danube River. Healing places to think about visiting when traveling with breast cancer. My blended family borrowed the model of Make A Wish Foundation 10 years ago, believing dreams of a glorious trip could jump start healing cells and natural body chemicals. A river cruise in Europe became our focus – small ship, only a few stairs, personal and comfortable. Dreaming was good with my husband’s sister Judy as she contemplated what metastasis three years after banishing breast cancer might truly mean. Fitting the pieces to plan the trip, not just the notion, was...

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