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Lock Up Your Love in Lovelock, Nevada

While you can no longer place a love lock on the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris, you can still lock up your love with your spouse or family in the little town of Lovelock, Nevada. City of Love Bans the Love Lock For more than seven years, tourists have flocked to Pont des Arts in Paris to place a lock on the bridge’s fence and toss the key into the Seine River below, symbolizing everlasting love. Last year, Paris began removing the locks because the bridge’s fences were crumbling under the weight. There are several other places you...

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Free for Families: Reno, NV

Reno, Nevada, first came into its own with casinos, but it has developed both family friendly attractions and free events. Whether the free things to do are for those who lost all their money at the casino, or just those on a budget, families can find plenty of free family fun, so far from Las Vegas that it shuold be tackled on a separate trip. Walk Around The downtown Riverwalk is perfect for an urban stroll. The area has restaurants, boutiques and museums, along with a lively streetscape, and you can spend the better part of a day walking...

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8 Free Things to Do in Las Vegas with Kids

The best way to make a family vacation affordable is to do the free stuff. And there are plenty of free things to do in Las Vegas to help you have a cheap family vacation. White Tiger Habitat – Siegfried and Roy’s rare white tigers are located near the front of the Mirage hotel. ¬†This is seperate from the large habitat outside of the casino that you must pay to get into. Tropical Rainforest – In the Mirage as soon as you walk in the front entrance is a 100 foot dome with lagoons, plant life and a waterfall....

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8 Free things to do in Las Vegas

For those on a budget, there is plenty to do in Las Vegas that’s free and family-oriented. MGM Grand Lion Habitat: To honor the lion and help safeguard its preservation for future generations, MGM Grand Hotel and Casino has created a one-of-a-kind Lion Habitat as a showcase for public education and appreciation for this majestic creature of nature. The lion has been a part of the MGM heritage for many years, beginning with the legendary Leo, whose roars have welcomed generations of moviegoers to epics of the silver screen. The lions on an 8.5-acre ranch 12 miles from the...

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