goodncrazy nissan quest reviewWith a two-week family vacation planned to include East Coast suburban, city and beach travel time we knew we needed a versatile travel companion. I’m talking about a vehicle who could handle the needs of our family of 5 including: gear & luggage, space (cup holders anyone??), gadgets to spare and you know… a bit of ‘funky family’ appeal.We were allowed to ‘borrow’ a new 2012 Nissan Quest for our “Return to New Jersey” family vacation. (We lived there 8 years ago, and it was high-time for a visit to NYC and head ‘down the shore’ for a little beach time!)

As a family we give the Nissan Quest a BIG Thumbs Up!

Carissa’s GoodNCrazy Top 10 Reasons to LOVE the Nissan Quest

10. Fabulously Family Friendly
16 drink cup holders. WOW. SIXTEEN!
And the rear windows rolled down, huge plus for the GoodNCrazy kids.

9. Ahhmazing Ahhdjustable Space
The middle captain’s chairs are adjustable and slide forward and back to add leg room where you need it. (All long-legged teens in America rejoice!)

8. Crazy Cargo Space
Oh. Em. Gee. So much Space in the trunk. Aha moment: when we realized the platforms in the trunk divide the space so you can have all the ‘family gear’ you need all the time, hidden below and still have plenty of space for the groceries that day. Remove the platforms and a family of 5 has plenty of luggage room and then some… (even with TWO teenage daughters!).

7. Superbly Safety First
Okay this was seriously amazing. There is a feature in the Quest where it beeps at you when there is someone in your blind spot! The side mirrors light up whenever anything (car, tree, random horse…) is in the general area of the blind spot. But when you turn on your blinker it also beeps to let you know there’s a car there. Plus the side mirrors are much bigger than any I’ve ever seen. As in HUGE.

6. 2 Central Consoles
At first it seemed like the middle console was in the way, but the kids used it a lot, and they went in and out of the van by folding the middle seat and sliding it forward. (Plus it has MORE cupholders in it… we’re all about the cupholders.) The front console was generous and organized our ‘stuff’ much better than my current van for sure!

goodncrazy Nissan Quest Trip with kids5. Dad Loves
Headroom. Plain and simple. He was comfortable driving for hours in heavy traffic. “The Sightlines are great!” — GoodNCrazy Dad.

4. Mom Loves
I love that the headrest in the front seat doesn’t project INTO my head. I could sit upright and comfortably lean my head back. I may or may not have slept while GoodNCrazy dad was driving… shhh.

3. Bells & Whistles to Spare
Where to start? The navigation touch screen? The keyless start? (I did wonder though, what do you do if you lose your keyfob? We didn’t… whew.) No wait… let’s start with the fact that this vehicle has a USB plug. Did you hear that? U. S. B. People! Heaven for this techy-mom! AC/DC plug in, regular lighter plug and Dual/Rear air conditioning controls. A must for the dad who’s hot and the mom who’s never warm. XM radio and as far as the kids are concerned happiness comes in the form of a built-in DVD player complete with wireless earphones. (Mom likes the quiet too!)

2. Wrangling Reverse
The rear video from the navigation screen was a huge help when backing into tight spots. But just as impressive we thought, the side mirrors tip down when you are in reverse! Totally unexpected and a nice extra.

1. Our Family Just plain looked like Rockstars in this Thing!
We were able to find our vehicle in an ocean of parked cars. The overall look of the Quest is funky and yet super fun. Drive away in a Quest = Driving Family Fun!

There were a couple small cons to the Quest, nothing to do with the way the van drove because overall it’s a great vehicle, smooth on the roads, lots of get up and go. But we really missed having an ‘all-purpose’ screen on the Navigation window. I wanted one easy button to press that would show, temperature, direction vehicle is traveling (with letters not a pointer) and a zoomed in map.

The other thing was that it was nearly impossible to get the Bluetooth function of the vehicle to play nice with my Android phone. It happily got in the sandbox with an iPod and played music, but I want my Pandora! We never did make streaming audio work via our phones. (Where is the audio plugin for an Mp3 we wondered? In case the Bluetooth wasn’t working. )


Carissa was allowed to borrow the Nissan Quest during the GoodNCrazy New Jersey road trip. She was not compensated in any other way. Her opinions are her own. Her husband is 6 foot and really did have enough headroom. Her kids really did adore the cupholders. And Nissan had no idea she hates the way her current mom-van’s headrests bite into her head. (How could they?)