mercedes_benz_m_class_intThe new Mercedes-Benz M-Class is sexy, no doubt.  What mom wouldn’t feel sexy in this over a minivan?  But it’s also sporty–able to take off-road detours as smooth as the highway–and offers improved comfort, performance and efficiency. However, what I’m most excited about is that it also adds more safety features.

We all know we can be distracted while driving, even when our hands are still on the wheel, and the M-class offers options to help make sure we don’t crash, despite ourselves. If you cross over and out of your lane, the car literally vibrates and steers you back into your own lane. If you are looking down and end up about to collide with the car in front of you, the vehicle can stop itself. Seriously.

From Attention Assist to Adaptive Brake Technology, it’s all pretty high tech, but what it comes down to is a safer car for you and your family.

While reviewing the vehicle recently, I got the chance to speak with the M-Class Assistant Product Developer Jim Burch about all these safety options and what they mean for you. Take a couple minutes to listen to what he has to say in the video below.
(Note to readers: Mercedes Benz paid for my flight and accommodations on this trip, but did not compensate me for this review. My opinions are my own.)