nissan-questThis is what I would call a minivan for grown ups. I have big kids, all over age 11, and I don’t want to try to soop up a minivan to make it cool. It has to be cool to begin with. The exterior is sleek, even a little sporty and the interior feels sophisticated. It would qualify as the “good car” to drive to important events whereas most minivans would not. It has power, smart engineering to warn the driver of objects too close for comfort and it’s versatile to hold all the gear. We would gladly take it on a long road trip or running errands.

OVERALL: 5 stars – it has it all – s p a c e, gorgeous “grown up” interior, secret stow away compartment, great passing power

Space: Storage in the very back under the seats, roomy interior, light and bright window area that gives the impression of more space

Comfort: 5 stars – no fighting! Kids staked out their space and no one minded the very back.

Electronics – Had everything. GPS was top notch and DVD player came with 2 wireless headsets

Gas Mileage – 4 stars – 19 mpg. I still want more.

Passing Power (aka horsepower) – 5+ stars. LA Freeway did not scare me one bit