familycarThere’s nothing wrong with our car. The little Honda Civic has gotten us to and from many destinations, including some we would rather not have gone to. It’s been there for us through boring countryside drives, nausea-inducing stop-and-go city driving, naps, headaches, and miles and miles of whining.

It’s had Cheerios spilled onto and inside the seats, juice splattered nearly everywhere, mud kicked onto the backs of the front seats, and Legos tucked between the cushion and door and nearly anywhere else my toddler can stash them.

There’s nothing wrong with our car – and that’s the problem. I’d love to have a nice, big car or SUV where we can all enjoy a few more inches of space for ourselves, where stretching out doesn’t mean banging one’s elbow or head into someone else, where the kids can’t reach each other to exchange slaps or kicks. Heated seats would be nice, too, for those icy mornings when the entire car seems to be one frozen mass, where just sitting down on the cold seat is almost too much to bear. And maybe some fancy temperature-controlled cup holders so I’m not forever drinking cold coffee and warm soda.

But nothing is wrong with our little Honda, so ours it shall remain.