The Bold and the Beautiful should be the nickname for the 2013 GL-Class from Mercedes Benz.  It’s a gorgeous vehicle packed with safety features that moms will appreciate, while offering luxury and style that makes those same moms feel simply stunning (oh yeah, the car, too!).

The GL-Class is full of contradictions.

It’s comfortable, yet classy.

Powerful, yet quiet.


Rugged, yet slick.

See what I mean?

The 2013 model has features galore…the kind of stuff I can appreciate as a mom, from electronic seats that slide out of the way to give huge access to the back, to cameras throughout that give you a 360 degree perspective outside the vehicle, to special sensors that help you stay in your own lane, or warns you if there’s a car in a lane where you’re about to get over.

We recently talked with Axel Heix, one of the developers for this vehicle, about the various features we know moms will love.

Reader note: We were invited by Mercedes Benz to review this vehicle during a media trip to check it out.  Our travel expenses were covered but we were not otherwise compensated for this review.