toyotapriusI have always viewed cars as a way to get from point A to point B.  I don’t particularly like to drive, and I don’t like spending money on extra features that aren’t needed, especially because cars depreciate so quickly.  As an asset, cars are really not a good investment, and neither is gasoline.  In fact, I’m probably the only mom in my community without an SUV or a minivan – and I don’t really want one.  But as a mom, I do spend a LOT of time in my car driving my kids from point A to point B, and I want to enjoy it.  So, for me, it’s a balancing act to find the right blend of price and features in my car.

When my 2004 Toyota Matrix was going to require more than $2k worth of work, my husband and I decided that it was best to purchase a new car.  Our choice?  The 2010 Toyota Prius – a car that has completely changed my opinion of vehicles.

For someone who doesn’t generally like cars just for the sake of loving them, I LOVE this car.  Besides the great gas economy features of the hybrid, the Toyota Prius really drives well.  It’s a great size, with a trunk that is much larger than it looks. We’ve been able to transport loads of things in the car – including furniture, and of course lots of suitcases and travel gear.  The edition of the car I purchased comes with navigation as well as Bluetooth – two features that I now consider essential for my lifestyle.  The gas economy is fabulous, and I’m now filling up my car every two or three weeks rather than every week.  With gas prices as they are, this is a huge benefit.  

What’s your favorite car?  What features do you find essential to your lifestyle?