KIA SPORTAGE SX Even though we have a family of 5 and would normally want to drive a 7 passenger vehicle, we test drove the KIA Sportage.   I had not driven a KIA of any kind and I thought it was a great looking car when I saw it at the NY Auto Show.  I was not disappointed.

The hot red color, sporty shape and sturdy feel has made the KIA Sportage a contender in my son’s premature quest for a car.  He still has a year to go before he can even get his license but he considers himself in the market.  As a mom of a soon to be driving teen, I want to educate myself on the smart technology that is out there.  I figure the more safety features the better – as long as he can work them. Space is not a huge issue because we don’t want him packing up the car with too many distracting passengers.