max_car_june2009It isn’t fancy. Or glamourous.  No leather interior. Only a modest stereo system (it even has a tape deck…) to boot.  But I love my 2001 Toyota Camry.  I feel safe when I drive her.She gets me where I’m going in one piece and she always starts.  And she appears to have forgiven me for that car accident last year that resulted in her getting a “face lift” (aka “new front end”).

We’ve had her since 2004.  Both my babies came home from the hospital in this car.  She had my back when I trekked all over Southern Ontario with my son Max trying to get someone to tell us what was wrong with him.  Her seats have been soaked with my tears, kid barf, sticky beverages, and yes, even breast milk.  All that and she doesn’t make fun of me for not knowing the words to my favourite songs.   

My Camry hasn’t been tested with any long road trips yet, but she does well on the 5 hour drive from Toronto to Ithaca, NY for sure.  And I’d get another one in a hot minute.  Next time I’m getting one with the automatic trunk opener though!