bmwmeWe have a wonderfully over sized 3rd row seat, don’t care if you get crackers on the floor, Chevy Suburban.  We purchased it just after our first daughter was born and it’s been great for us to toss everything into while were on the go and even better for our family travel.But somewhere along the line my awesome new BMW 325i that was supposed to be just MY car, became the family car. 

When we purchased my BMW in 2007 my daughter was just old enough that I didn’t mind if she had to ride with me on occasion and it was meant to get me to and from work everyday.  A couple years later after the arrival of my son, becoming a SAHM and the wonderful new price of over $3.00 a gallon to drive – two car seats planted themselves into the back seat of my “cool mom” car. 

So now my car is the family car, while the Suburban waits for it’s occasional ride on the weekend.  The back seats in a 325i are just the right size for two kids and my husband sits comfortably in the front passenger seat.  The trunk holds just enough Costco sized toilet paper and diapers when we shop, while my leather seats clean off ever so easily when they’ve had enough spills.  The automatic sunshade in the back window rises with the push of a button and manual built in shades on the kids windows is a life saver on sunny days, and they just look way cooler than having Winnie the pooh blocking my window.  I feel very safe in this car with the children and it drives smooth and fast!  My only ill thought towards my car is that I wish it had better placed cup holders for my coffee and more storage in the interior for odds and ends.  My coffee spills at least once a week in the awkwardly placed cup holder in front of the passenger seat. 

chevy_suburbanI don’t think planning to purchase a BMW 325i for the family car is something you should do, it definitely would not have been my choice with smaller children had I known it would be used for food target and sippy cup testing.  I cringe every time I see them spill something in the back seat, which is almost daily.  The BWM is made to be a luxury car and to be enjoyed that way, which is hard with two kids.  Nevertheless I still love it and I feel like a cool mom in my dream car.


I suppose I learned that when your a mom nothing is ever just yours and that having nicer things means you must share – or wait until your empty nested.  This mom is not waiting!