honda_odyssee1My kids are not babies or toddlers, I have no intention of having more kids, I have never owned a minivan (cool issues) and we love to go on family holiday. Fast forward to now: I have a teen and two tweens and we all are intent on getting a minivan. Strange, right? Either minivans have become cool or my cool is fading away. I choose to believe the former.

I mean take a look at the exterior of the Honda Odyssey 2011. It has the feel of a station wagon but the headroom and space of a minivan. One thing my kids really really want, especially now, is space. Armhairs must not touch. Plug ins for electronics are important and for me, I want good gas mileage, safety and to feel good in my car. Because I am in my car A LOT.

The backseats were designed to fit six adults – no more mini third row. In fact, they added 1 cubic foot of space in the 3rd row (you will see this demonstrated by gorgeous blogger models in the video). There are options like split screen DVD player and jacks and plug-ins in the 2nd and 3rd rows.




Honda Odyssey “Won’t Flip”

At the test drive center (aka race track) I told the PR person that I was a little nervous. He said “It’s not like the car will flip.”

It won’t? I never knew that.

When I got in, I hit the stabilization button and drove as fast and hard as I could around the cones (about 35-40 mph). I also rode with a professional driver who took the curves at 60 mph.

The car was stable, easy to handle. I will probably only drive like that when I am trying to get my kids to school on time, but it’s good to know what it is capable of doing.

If you get this minivan and have teen drivers in the house you might want to keep this whole racing thing to yourself.

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