I love the color of this minivan, how easy it is to drive, the huge mount of space inside for the kids, all the gadgets (DVD, USB ports, etc.) and that I can pass anyone anywhere. Gets 4 1/2 cars – my kids, husband and I loved it.

Space: 5 cars – storage under the middle seats as well as the back

Comfort: 5 cars – We drove this car 14 hours straight one day and no complaints (about the car)

Electronics – The navigation system is the best. Super easy to use and set up. DVD player came with wireless 2 headsets and was also simple to set up.

Safety –

Gas Mileage – 4 cars.   This was the only feature that I wanted a bit more from – 17 mpg local and 25 highway is only slightly better than my Suburban.

Passing Power (aka horsepower) – 5+ cars. I passed people on the way UP the hills in West Virginia.