closeup of word spark on car
Recently on a sponsored retreat at Disney, Chevrolet brought some of their 2013 cars over for us Traveling Mom’s to test out. We let the kids crawl all over them, took the Corvette out for joy rides, and saw how many folks we could fit in the trunk of each car. Obviously we had priorities. I was particularly taken with the Chevy Spark. There was something so fun and youthful about it. The interior was curvy but bright and plastic-y in a good way. It looked like a Lego and a station wagon got together and had a baby. Or maybe a Duplo. And this is one speedy little baby!

My toddler helped me explore the features of this fun ride and we made a video. While it’s intent (I think) is to be an urban car, I’m trying to dream up a way for this to work for me (in the Jalapeno color) on the muddy back roads of Vermont. With an MSRP starting at $12,185 and a 5 year/100K mile warranty I’m thinking I’ll find a way to make it work. Maybe I can jack it up so it can clear the ruts of mud season?

Watch and learn about all of the neat design elements of the Spark: