priusWhen my husband’s 2002 Honda Accord needed more work done to it than it was worth, we decided to cut our losses and get a brand-new car.  We loved my 2010 Toyota Prius so much that we decided to purchase another one.  The 2012 models are available in four types – the standard Prius, the Prius C (smaller than the typical Prius), the Prius V (larger than the standard Prius), and the Prius plug-in.  Since my car is the standard Prius, we thought the V would work best as a second car.

Why would we choose to buy the same car?  I have owned a car that I really disliked, and we didn’t want that to happen again.  With the Prius, we know what we are getting – something we’ve been very happy with.

So, what are the features of the Prius that had us ready to buy another one?

  • Gas Mileage.  I drive around town all day every day and go to the gas station once every three weeks or so.  My Prius gets about 44 MPG, while the V, since it’s larger, gets around 40 MPG.
  • Carbon Footprint.  Beyond the cost of filling up my car – I driving a green car.  It’s just a small thing I can do to make the world a better place.
  • Navigation/Bluetooth/Backup Camera.  These are three features I now can’t live without, and they are standard in many of the trim types.
  • Drivability. Both of these cars are both easy, and fun to drive.
  • Cargo space.  My Prius actually has a good amount of cargo space, but the V has more cargo space than the Toyota Rav-4! 

We’ll be using the new Prius V for our family road trips, because of the cargo space – it can easily fit two large suitcases as well as the other bags we usually bring – I’ll be writing more about our experiences in future posts.


Jodi Grundig, Finance Traveling Mom, regularly writes about her travels on Family Travel Magazine and Mom’s Favorite Stuff.