Veloster aero viewYou’ve seen it and smiled at the daydream: Easing into the drivers seat of this powerful little turbo hatchback and flooring it like a rude boy while belting out Beyonce, accompanied by the 450 watt, 8-speaker audio system, and you think: Why didn’t they make cars like that when I was 20?

Then, as you ponder what it would be like to drive a cute little hatchback coupe–and realtiy reminds you that car seats and coupes don’t mix–the Veloster’s doors open, all three of them, and it hits you: this sporty little car has the perfect sized port for kids!

Veloster’s unusual design makes the sportiness of this car something that even families can manage; with seating for four and a small load space in the hatchback, it can accommodate the needs of both young and, ahem, more seasoned drivers. And, at $26,520, it’s filled with lots of cool technology and luxuries, so it satisfies those more sophisticated tastes.

Peter Couture reports on his test drive of the 2013 Hyundai Veloster.

Hyundai Veloster 1