chrysleroutsideSo, we just bought our new family car because it has a table. Seriously. Not for the low gas mileage, not the great safety record. Nope—it was the table that sold us, and the swivel and go seats.

I didn’t intend to make these the things that sealed the sale, but when you take your children car shopping with you, they tend to cling to things about the car that really might not matter in your list of needs. I wanted something that would have room for all four of my children—one which still requires a baby seat on up through to one who is now taller than I am and requires lots of leg room. Our lease was up on our crossover and we needed something that would fit all of us. The options out there were limited. Yes, there are plenty of 7-seaters but not many that let your children sit comfortably (I swear some of those third rows are tighter than the tight seating you find on an airplane).

swivelngotableSo, we needed something roomy. Then, we needed space in the very back to be able to stow their gear, from football pads to saxophones. That cut out most of the other options and left us looking at two pricey models and then the dreaded minivans…dreaded not because there’s anything wrong with them, but dreaded because I always said I’d never be one of those minivan-moms. It’s so not me. But I wasn’t a fan of spending more than I should in this tight economy, and it took just seconds in the Chrysler Town & Country Swivel & Go for my kids to be sold. So, meet the new me, the minivan-mom I never thought I would be, all because my children love the idea of the back of the car being like a mini-living room, with chairs that can face each other and a table in between.