HONDA PILOTYou may have heard the ads for the 2013 Honda Pilot that claim this SUV has room for eight adults. Full sized, with legs and everything, adults. It’s hard to imagine in an SUV this size, which is neither small nor large, that two adults could really fit comfortably in the third row. 

So we put it to the test. 

We spent a week with the Honda, drove car pools, chauffeured kids to activities and did some sight seeing. All with full sized  people in the third row. OK, they were youngish full sized people, but they are very vocal about uncomfortable third rows, to the point that they fight over who gets to sit next to the driver. Not this week. I drove all alone in the front (glorious!). At a glance, here’s what we liked: 

SUV line upPlenty of head room and leg room in the third row

Comfy seating for 8

Lots of spaces for stuff, including a shelf for phones and small items

Modern navigation and safety features

Rear seat entertainment system with wireless headphones

 It’s a Honda! 

 Price: about $40,000

We also liked the flexibility of the cargo space, which has room for groceries, sports equipment or even a few pieces of luggage when the third row is up. 

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And you can see a tour of the Honda Pilot Touring edition from TMOM contributor Nadia Carriere:

Disclosure: Honda provided the Pilot for our review; opinions are all our own.