Red AvengerThere are cars that are a great value, and there are fun cars. And there are fun cars that are a great value. The Dodge Avenger falls into this category.

My daughters and I recently took it on a week-long trek through Virginia and North Carolina, and found it both fun for driving around town on short trips and comfortable for cruising the countryside. While its size is smaller than the typical sedan–making it easy to drive, park and maneuver–its interior is comfortable and well sized; no one felt cramped or uncomfortable. And it had plenty of room for luggage.

What did we girls like most? Besides the fun driver’s experience, we loved the streaming Bluetooth that allowed us to sync and stream everyone’s devices; everyone in the car got to play DJ. You can see our full review here.

As fun as the Avenger was for us girls, it’s probably more likely regarded as a car better suited for the man of the house. And with its really reasonable sticker price of around $25,000, it would make the person paying the bills happy, too. 


My husband spent some time with the Avenger, and here’s his take on it, complete with the points you might make about it to get your man to take this car seriously.