sagamore castle100.jpgDoyou delight in the supernatural? Have a hankering for the haunted? ThisHalloween, Historic Hotels of America invites you to spend some timewith previous guests who have checked-in, but refused to check-out. While some ghostly visitors are drawn to specific anniversaries, othersmake their presence known all year round. From forlorn lovers trappedin time by their undying devotion to one another, to hoteliers andemployees who just weren’t ready to abandon their duties, many ofHistoric Hotels of America’s members have a hauntingly goodtime instore for you.

So try your luck with a haunted stay this Halloween. Many HistoricHotels cater to their spookatular visitors with ghoulishly fun packagesand tours. Below are a few of the ghostly tales, but for more details,additional hotels or to book a getaway at anyone of the over 220Historic Hotels of America, call 1-800-678-8946 or

The Sagamore
Bolton Landing, New York
Located on scenic Lake George in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains,it is no wonder past guests return to the beauty of The Sagamore. Forinstance, The Trillium, the resort’s fine dining restaurant, isregularly visited by a couple who descend from the second floor andtake a seat in the restaurant’s reception room before departing. Theyare said to be among the hotel’s first guests during the 1880’s. At Mr.Brown’s, another of the resort’s dining outlets, the restaurant hasbeen visited by an apparition of a tall woman dressed in long, whiteevening attire with flowing sandy blond hair. One night the woman spoketo a prep cook, proceeded to walk toward him, then through him anddisappeared. The cook abruptly packed his things, quit his job andnever returned to the resort.