Big Mummy

Montana’s arid countryside was once home to lush, 80-million year old ferns and pines. How do we know?  Because clues have been found in the stomach of Leonardo, the 6.5 ton mummified 77 million-year-old adult duckbilled dinosaur, discovered with almost all of his skin and many internal organs still intact. This fossil is setting the scientific world ablaze with extensive, never-before-seen detail about the diet of plant-eating dinosaurs—details that could only be hypothesized before this incredible find.

Take a wild chance and join the Houston Museum of Natural Science Paleontology Team and Dr. Robert T. Bakker, renowned paleontologist and HMNS curator, in Malta, Montana, from May 22 – 25, 2008 as they dig deeper into prehistory. Visit amazing local museums and a nearby cattle ranch to see where Leonardo was discovered in the summer of 2000 and experience rare, behind-the-scenes modern cattle ranching where vast herds of cattle are moving out to summer pastures.

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