Ihave been in the travel business for 15yrs, and I think thebest times to travel to the Caribbean is betweenthe end of Thanksgiving thru December 19. The weather is great, theprices (especially this year) are low and the resorts are not crowded.



Ifyou are parents of kids under 6, this could be perfect. However, forthose of us who can not take our children out of school, we will haveto deal with the extra expense of holiday travel, the long lines andcrowded pools. Or do we?


Asall of the deals pass my desk, I look for value and pick the best onesto share with my readers. I have NEVER seen prices this low forholidays and winter travel. Holiday travel usually is 3-4 times theregular rates, this year, it is the same or lower. If you still haveyour travel budget put aside – use it now, take advantage of thesedeals – because I have never seen rates like these before.


Inthinking of family vacations, the first one that comes to mind is ClubMed. Last time I was there, we still had to pay for drinks, now it istruly all inclusive – drinks, sports, you name it, it is included inthe vacation cost.

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