Dubai flyersNot everything has to be expensive in Dubai!  Here are 5 ways to save big while living in or visiting Dubai!

1)  Family Entertainer Book Dubai-  You can save a ton of money buy purchasing this two book combo for only 350 AED.  We recently took our kids to iFLY Dubai, indoor sky diving simulation,  which costs 195 AED per person (regardless of age) for first timers.  With the book, my family of 4 was able to go with two buy 1 get 1 coupons…saving us 390 AED!  There are books for each region as well as type of lifestyle you’re looking for.

2)  Cobone Dubai– Cobone deals are a fabulous way to go!  We have purchased 60 AED worth of Cold Stone ice cream vouchers for only 25 AED…big savings with five people!  Search by region and get daily deals.  Sign up before you come over for a visit!

3)  Groupon UAE–  Found all over the World, Groupon makes saving money easy, and always has deals we want to buy!  Hotel stays often including meals and massages for amazing prices.  Again, sign up before your trip and start saving before you leave!

4)  Livingsocial–  Formerly GoNabit, Livingsocial is another great way to save on the things you already do!  Choose your city…Dubai North or Dubai South, and start saving!

5)  24-hour ticket for the Hop-on, Hop-off bus tour– On the Day Tour, you can choose a 24 or 48 hour ticket and enjoy free inclusions such as the Dhow River Cruise and Dubai Museum.  What a way to see the city cheaply and easily instead of worrying about taxis.

There’s always free entertainment around Dubai as well, in the malls especially.  So while you’re here, keep your eyes peeled for amazing free art and entertainment around town.