Yvonne Jasinski, Credit Card TravelingMom

Yvonne Jasinski, Credit Card TravelingMom

Yvonne Jasinski has been living her dream of traveling ever since she arrived from Poland to the USA in 1987. She is fascinated with the natural beauty of North America and working her way to see all American national parks. Over the years she shared her passion for travel with family and friends by organizing numerous trips from group camping to luxurious vacations on the beach. She works full time for a non-profit organization. She makes her trips possible by using credit card opening bonuses, cash back, miles and loyalty programs to generate free travel. She is a mother of an adult son.

Ellis Island – a Passage to a Promised Land

Ellis Island – the gateway to the land of opportunities for millions of immigrants in their search of American dream. Follow their footsteps from this island in Upper New York Bay and learn about their journey to the New World. See their faces and hear their stories. Maybe one of them is yours. Ellis Island — An Island of Hope “The day I left home, my mother came with me to the railroad station. When we say good-bye, she said it was just like seeing me going into my casket. I never saw her again.”  – Julia Goniprow, a Lithuanian immigrant in 1899, quoted in Morrison and Zabusky, American Mosaic, E.P.Dutton, 1980. More...

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Hotel Review: Hyatt Regency Jersey City on the Hudson – an Ultimate Base to Visit New York City

Hyatt Regency Jersey City on the Hudson is my recent discovery. As a frequent visitor to NYC, I stayed at many different locations inside and outside of the city but Jersey City Hyatt beats them all. It is an ultimate base to explore The Big Apple. Find out why. Hyatt Regency Jersey City on the Hudson was not my first pick for an overnight trip to New York City. My goal was to stay in the city, but I wanted to use my Hyatt credit card anniversary night so my choice was limited to a category 4 hotels. Jersey City was the closest location available....

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IHG Rewards Club MasterCard Delivers Free Hotel Nights

Would you like to visit New York and stay at the heart of the city at Times Square? Or would you prefer an upscale hotel in Athens overlooking Acropolis? Perhaps luxurious lodging right on the beach in French Riviera is more appealing to you? Choose from 4600 hotels worldwide and make your plans. With IHG Rewards Club MasterCard by Chase Bank, you can turn your dream into reality. The best part? Your accommodation could be free! I am always on the lookout for new credit cards with great opening bonuses. Once I meet their required minimum spending and get the bonus, I often never use them again. IHG Rewards Club MasterCard is different. I...

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Harvard Museum of Natural History – Great Attraction for Kids and Adults Alike

Raining? Snowing? Freezing? Too hot?  Don’t worry! In Boston, you will find a lot of indoor attractions. One of them is Harvard Museum of Natural History, worth a trip even on a sunny day. Come to see the world-famous Glass Flowers Gallery, Great Mammal Hall,  Africa Gallery, Birds of the World Gallery and more. Bring your entire family. Everyone will love it! Highlights of My Visit  I have to start with the fact that I am not a big fan of museums. I fully understand their mission and their importance so I often convince myself to visit but I do not enjoy them that much. When comes...

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Hotel Review: Hyatt Cambridge Overlooking Boston

Lured by its European charm, I visited Boston many times. In recent years, it became our family’s tradition to visit the city for our son’s birthday in October. We stayed in many different hotels until we discovered Hyatt Cambridge Overlooking Boston. It turned into our instant favorite. The name says it all – the views of Boston’s skyline are fantastic! This year with my husband busy at work, I traveled solo for my son’s 22nd birthday. I had majority of the day for myself because the birthday boy had afternoon classes at Boston University. My goal was to explore Cambridge, especially Harvard Museum of Natural History. I do not know...

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Fall Splendor at Letchworth State Park – No. 1 State Park in the USA

Letchworth State Park, also called Grand Canyon of the East, lures its visitors with spectacular scenery created by the Genesee River rushing through a deep gorge and passing over three magnificent waterfalls along the way. Its beauty is captivating any time of year, but especially in autumn when each overlook becomes a masterpiece on its own. Here you can unwind, connect with your family and friends, and see the leaves all dressed up for their last dance before arrival of winter. Fall Beauty at Letchworth State Park This year I had my mind set on visiting Letchworth State Park...

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Make the Most of the Layover: 12 Hours in Barcelona Spain

Hate layovers? Think again. This Traveling Mom shows you how to turn the layover into a one-of-a-kind experience. Join her on a 12-hour visit to beautiful Barcelona Spain. It’s dominated by famous landmarks of Antoni Gaudi. Visit two of them, Park Guell and Sagrada Familia Temple. See how his design genius can take you on a journey of imagination. 12 Hours in Barcelona Spain For years, Barcelona Spain was high up on my bucket list. In the reality of life, it became a distant dream. That is until last summer, when I had a layover between flights and decided...

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A Practical Guide to Visiting Yellowstone National Park 

Yellowstone National Park is famous for its diverse beauty and recreational opportunities. No wonder it is one of the most popular destinations for travelers from around the world. This Traveling Mom points out that there are many factors that should be taken into consideration when planning a visit. Read on to learn what you need to know before you make your travel arrangements and what to expect when you arrive. America’s Showcase of Natural Attractions. To help preserve the beauty of the land for generations to come, in 1872, Yellowstone National Park was established as the world’s first national park. Today...

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Exploring the Spectacular Vistas of Zakynthos Greece

Seeking the world’s most spectacular beaches must include travel to the island of Zakynthos off the coast of Greece. This Traveling Mom figured out the tips to make such a journey possible. Getting lost within the beauty is her advice.   The Wonders of Zakynthos Greece Despite its economic turmoil, Greece is a world-class destination. With the strong US dollar, American tourists should not hesitate to visit. Plan in advance, take plenty of cash, and start your journey! Why Zakynthos? I was drawn to the island by stunning images of Navagio Beach. Also called the Shipwreck, it is recognized as one...

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