Yvonne Jasinski, Credit Card TravelingMom

Yvonne Jasinski, Credit Card TravelingMom

Yvonne Jasinski has been living her dream of traveling ever since she arrived from Poland to the USA in 1987. She is fascinated with the natural beauty of North America and working her way to see all American national parks. Over the years she shared her passion for travel with family and friends by organizing numerous trips from group camping to luxurious vacations on the beach. She works full time for a non-profit organization. She makes her trips possible by using credit card opening bonuses, cash back, miles and loyalty programs to generate free travel. She is a mother of an adult son.

Is Travel Insurance Worth It?

To buy or not to buy, that is the question many people ask about getting travel insurance. Is it worth it? Years ago, the substantial cost of travel insurance resulted in many people rejecting it on the spot, but the market has changed. Many insurance companies now are offering very affordable rates, so today’s travelers are more inclined to purchase their travel protection. Is travel insurance worth it? Continue reading for answers to your travel insurance questions. Is Travel Insurance Worth it? I did most of my traveling, hundreds of trips, without buying travel insurance. When I was young,...

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Green Lakes State Park, NY – Things to Do for the Entire Family

Looking for a great place for your next down to earth family vacation? Then try Green Lakes State Park in New York State’s Finger Lakes region. Located a short drive from Syracuse, this strikingly scenic park delivers all you need for family vacations: two beautiful lakes with blue-green water, wide sandy beach for swimming, camping, hiking, fishing, and even a golf course. And do not forget to bring your dog! Things to do in Green Lakes State Park This park is one of my major discoveries. Years ago, when I was still very much into camping, I wanted to...

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9 Things To Do in Monhegan Island, Maine

Did you ever dream about escaping to a destination where the time has stopped? If yes, then visit Monhegan Island on the Atlantic Ocean in Maine. You will feel like you step into the world of yesterday, with no cars, no streets, no shopping malls. You will be greeted by silence, interrupted only by birds singing and waves crushing against the rocky shore. There is plenty to do there, but taking in the scenery, the smells and sounds of the island maybe just what your doctor ordered. 9 Things To Do in Monhegan Island, Maine 1. Watch the waves...

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What You Need to Know about Visiting Joshua Tree National Park in California

Joshua Tree National Park in California is a perfect destination for those who like nature but prefer to stay close to shopping, restaurants, and city conveniences. The park’s close proximity to Palm Springs allows for exploring the park during the day and enjoying city at night. Many visitors come just for a day and see only attractions accessible from the paved road, but to fully appreciate the park, stay at least few days. Discover a silent beauty of its sunrise or sunset. Take in its incredible vistas, irresistible rock formations, and enjoy its trails. It is truly a great playground...

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Visiting Canada’s Bruce Peninsula National Park – the Most Spectacular Scenery in the East

Are you an outdoors enthusiast looking for an outstanding scenery with no crowds? Do you search for trails that will take you to the world of peace and solitude? If the answer is yes, then Bruce Peninsula National Park in Canada will meet your needs. Located just four hours northwest from Toronto, the park delivers all you need for a great vacation. Make scenic village of Tobermory your base to access  biking and hiking trails, boating and fishing, sunset cruises, and another Canada’s lesser known treasure, Fathom Five National Marine  Park. Visiting Canada’s Bruce Peninsula National Park I have no...

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Perfect Day Trip from Phoenix – Watson State Park

If you live in Phoenix or spend an extended period of time there, you know that for the most part of the year it a frying pan. Unless you are immune to high temperatures, often around 11o F,  outdoor activities are practically impossible. So where do you go take a break from the heat? Most people head north to attractive but overcrowded Sedona or Flagstaff but there is a better choice – Watson Lake Park near Prescott. This perfect day trip from Phoenix is closer, less expensive, serene, and beautiful! Perfect Day Trip from Phoenix – Watson State Park...

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9 Best Things to In Death Valley National Park

With a name like that, Death Valley National Park may not lure the crowds as one of the lowest, hottest and driest places on earth. Its harsh climate is challenging, but the land itself delivers one of a kind diverse scenery.  If you are into surreal landscape, this park is for you. Take your time to see different sections of the park for its own unique character and beauty in this desert. See what awaits you at this seemingly unforgiving land with these 9 best thigns to do in Death Valley National Park. 9 Best Things to Do in Death Valley...

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11 Things to Know Before You Climb Mt. Washington in New Hampshire

Mount Washington in New Hampshire, the highest peak in the Northeast, is known for its incredible beauty. Traveling to its summit offers the chance to see spectacular views. Once there, you will feel you reached the top of the world. On clear days, when the atmosphere is relatively dry and free of haze,  you can see as far as 130 miles away. But the beauty of the mountain is deceiving. It is a dangerous mountain, even deadly. You need to know the facts before you climb Mt. Washington, especially if you decide to conquer it on foot. My memories of ...

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Visiting Verdon Gorges in France – Europe’s Grand Canyon

Verdon Gorges in France, also called Europe’s Grand Canyon, deserve to be named the best hidden attraction of Provence. Overshadowed by the French Rivera, they never become overcrowded. Despite their luck of popularity, the gorges are one of the most spectacular sites in Europe. Verdon Gorges offer unparalleled beauty and tranquility. They could be a destination on their own or combined with a visit to other attractions of Provence. I discovered Verdon Gorges while planning my trip to Provence. When I first came across pictures of the canyon, I could not believe that I did not know that they...

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Cassis in France – Fall in Love with this Picture Perfect Fishing Village

Cassis in southern France, just a short distance from Marseilles, feels like it was put together by a painter. It is a delight to your eyes everywhere you turn. You will easily fall in love with its fishing village charm, outdoor cafes, fabulous food, dramatics cliffs reaching the Mediterranean Sea, and Chateau de Cassis overlooking it all. This little treasure of French Rivera delivers all you need for a great vacation. My visit to Cassis was a part of a two week trip to southern France and my last stop at French Riviera before my departure back to the USA from nearby...

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