Dana Zucker & Sherry Wernicke, Luxe TravelingMoms

Dana Zucker & Sherry Wernicke, Luxe TravelingMoms

Dana Zucker is queen of doing things her way! She is the mother of millennials who inherited her travel bug. Dana travels solo often and also loves to travel with her husband to fly fish around the world. She believes travel should always be in luxury and full of adventure. Dana is an avid cook and food traveler. She cooks whole, real food, using local ingredients. When on the road, she finds local hotspots, celebrated chefs, cooking classes and cocktails. Sherry Wernicke and her triathlete husband travel extensively in style, not only for races, but for their love of adventure, new experiences, fine wine and cuisine, and luxury resorts. In addition to traveling whenever she gets the chance, she lives a healthy lifestyle, loves to run, has been a vegetarian for 27 years, and is very active in animal welfare activities. She is a former co-owner of the California Apparel News. She and her husband and two four-legged pups live in Connecticut. Dana is the founder of MomsGoodEats and Sherry is the Editor, Publisher, and Contributor. The site is based on a life done well, a love of food, and luxury travel. They are also co-founders of the TriWivesClub for triathlon families and WineLoversVillage, where wine, food, travel, and conversation meet. In addition, they are freelance writers for print and on-line media for US and international magazines.

Multigenerational Travel Experiences Guaranteed To Impress

Traveling with the entire family (and we’re talking THE ENTIRE FAMILY) can be overwhelming. On our last trip, we traveled with ages 1 to 75, with every age in-between. Everyone has different travel perspectives, budgets, needs, wants, and desires. So, finding multigenerational travel experiences that will please the whole crew can be burdensome, to say the least.  Narrowing choices down to these 2 tour companies, the planning and execution of our multigeneratiional travel experiences for this TravelingMom just got a whole lot easier. Multigenerational Travel Experiences For our annual multigenerational family vacations, we have always opted for a rental...

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4 Disney World Luxury Experiences Turn It Up A Notch

You can do Disney World or you can DO DISNEY WORLD! If you don’t like crowds, don’t have a ton of time, want to turn your vacation up a notch, or are just luxury seekers like us, there are definitely things you can do to create once-in-a-lifetime experiences and be treated like a real VIP. Disney World luxury experiences are just the way to go for these TravelingMoms. While these adventures don’t come without a cost, we think you will find them well worth the splurge. While we adore Disney World just the way it is, after more than a...

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7 Secrets To An Unforgettable Romantic Getaway

Getting away with your sweetie is so important. Having time together away from it all and being able to just be can help you both reboot. We are talking about the type of getaway where there is no clutter, nothing to do, no sites to see, and no feeling like, “We are here, so we should really do this or we should really see that.” Instead, we’re talking dinners on the beach, taking quiet walks, or just sitting side by side. This TravelingMom knows the importance of kindling that marriage and found 7 secrets that can make for an...

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Tips To Plan A Quick Family Getaway

Wouldn’t it be nice if you always had the time to plan vacations way in advance? Wouldn’t it also be nice if you didn’t NEED a quick getaway after a horrible or exhausting week? Well, if you’re like us, life intervenes and that’s exactly why the quick getaway was invented. Create an adult only or a family affair; they just need a bit different planning. Read on for tips to plan a quick family getaway from Luxe Traveling Moms. How to Plan a Quick Family Getaway When we decide it’s time for a quick family getaway, even on short...

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Escape Houston Superbowl Crowds With A Trip To The Woodlands

Located just 28 miles north of Houston, The Woodlands is a beautiful, planned city with luxuries that keep Luxe TravelingMoms going back. An easy transfer from the Houston airport with hotels to fit any budget, including a full resort right near the hub of The Woodlands. For those traveling to Houston during the Superbowl or famlies searching for an escape, The Woodlands offers an array of hotels, restaurants, shopping and plenty of outdoor activities to please all ages. Besides, the water taxi makes getting around fun and easy. Escape Houston to The Woodlands If you’re traveling to Houston for...

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Be Sure To Make The New York Times Travel Show A Family Affair

The New York Times Travel Show is a must attend for everyone who loves travel, is planning a trip, is thinking about planning a trip, wants to dream, or just wants to have a really good time. You’ll not only find great travel information for your next adventure, but also tons of fun exhibits and demonstrations, like the Family Pavilion filled with life-enriching activities. So, here’s why this TravelingMom is sure to attend and taking the whole family with her. Be Sure To Make The New York Times Travel Show A Family Affair We love to plan vacations in the...

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Sarasota County Florida Guide For The Luxury Loving Family

Sarasota County, Florida is comprised of the mainland and a string of eight islands right on the shoreline of the Gulf of Mexico. It is home to some of the most beautiful beaches, world class culture and arts, amazing food, and eco-activities that the entire family will enjoy. These traveling moms don’t miss an opportunity to spend time at one of the luxury resorts, so they are happy to share their guide to the best Sarasota County has to offer with all of their luxury loving friends. Sarasota County, Florida Guide For The Luxury Loving Family Sarasota County, Florida happens...

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10 Must-Haves That Define Luxury Travel

Traveling well is always what we do, but there are certain must-haves we look for before booking that vacation. When these traveling moms think of luxury travel, destination is usually first on the list. But there are many other factors to consider that define luxury, some you may not have even thought about. While many see luxury as an exotic location or booking a suite or having a relaxing facial during a day at the spa, who says luxury can’t be a state of mind? 10 Must-Haves That Define Luxury Travel Luxury travel is most often defined as being in an...

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Hassle Free Airport Travel In Jamaica With Club Mobay

Hate traveling, and the journey isn’t what it used to be?  But once you arrive, stand in line, wait for your luggage, and go through customs, love the destination? Have you experienced Club Mobay in Jamaica? Luxe TravelingMom says you should!  With Club Mobay, travelers can experience hassle free travel in Jamaica. Read on for the Traveling Mom scoop. Take the Hassle out of Travel with Club Mobay I have this love/hate relationship with travel. While I love to travel, I hate the hassle of the airports and transfers. While I love the flight and once I get there,...

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Amazing Cyber Monday Travel Deals To The British Virgin Islands

One of our favorite destinations, the British Virgin Islands (BVI), has some amazing Cyber Monday travel deals! We love that the BVI has so much to offer for every type of traveler. Whether you want a little water adventure or to just kick back and soak up the sun or whether you want a little romance or to spend a week with the whole family, the islands have it all. Although we think of the BVI and its 60+ islands as a well kept secret, we are happy to share. We are so enamored with the islands’ natural beauty...

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