Susie Kellogg, Unstoppable TravelingMom

Susie Kellogg, Unstoppable TravelingMom

Susie Kellogg is truly unstoppable as a traveling mom. She and her crazy husband, Dan, travel the continent full-time with their 12 kids in an RV. Her life is complete as she travels, writes, blogs, teaches and raises their 12 beautiful, faith-filled, fun-loving, crazy, adventurous kids. Susie and her family are adrenaline junkies and love extreme sports -- whitewater kayaking, rafting, snowboarding, surfing, and SUPing, to name a few. As a family, they are sponsored by Jackson Kayak and Kokatat Watersports Wear and her kids compete at the highest levels of the sport, racking up awards as well as their own sponsors. Susie and her family have appeared on the Today Show, Fox News, Sunrise at 7 and have been featured in dozens of magazine and newspaper articles. Nick News produced a 30 minute episode on their family, titled “12 for the Road”. Susie is the author of “Raising a Badass Family” and blogs at

Exploring Salt Lake City in One Day: Fun Things To Do With Kids

Getting children excited about history is as easy as introducing it in a way that is interesting. We also seek out a a hands on workshop, or an interactive historic locale. But what about religious history? Especially when it’s not your own? Is there even a point?  All history is important as knowledge is power. Armed with knowledge, one can form opinions, make decisions. William Blake said, “Knowledge is life with wings.” When looking for Things To Do In Salt Lake City in One Day, history is a good place to start. 3 Things to Do in Salt Lake...

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Discovering Monteregie, Quebec: 19 Delicious Things To Do

Steeped in history, the Montérégie region is Québec’s cider, wine, maple and apple country. Monteregie is decidedly European … the food is phenomenal, the wine is exceptional and the poutine is undeniably the best. Music, art and architecture flow beautifully and vibrantly in the blood of the region. The outdoors are as much a part of the culture of the region as anything else…the choices are endless and span all seasons. A stone’s throw from Montreal, Monteregie is a family destination in and of its own.  With a diverse mix of things to do in Monteregie, you will come...

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All Ages Fun: Things To Do In Golden CO With Family

The Wild Wild West is still alive and well in Golden.  This Colorado college town has completely embraced the spirit of youth and vitality. From a smoke and vape free downtown to fine dining and shopping to wild and fun river activities, Golden, CO is a wonderland. It’s perfect for families looking to escape the city, but still find ample activities and amenities.  Educational exploits abound as well at Golden’s plethora of museums! With so many fun Things To Do In Golden CO With Family, it should be on everyone’s bucket list. Things To Do In Golden CO With...

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6 Best Fun, Free Things to Do in Glenwood Springs Colorado

Families that play together stay together – it’s a proven fact. So much so that many families have dedicated their entire lives to prioritizing memories over money. And as a result, family staycations and budget friendly travels have become more of a norm than extravagant high rolling vacations.  Traveling with your kids, experiencing all the same emotions, teaching, laughing, learning … there is nothing that replaces that bonding time. One of the best locales for family fun exists on the Western slope of Colorado, right in the center of the Rocky Mountains. It’s a mecca of adventure, history and...

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7 Romantic Things To Do In Las Vegas

For most who enjoy traveling with our families, oftentimes our dream vacation and our budget don’t coincide. Or perhaps you want to party like it’s 1999 while also basking in the love of your spouse on a fun-filled romantic tryst. When your budget can’t spring for an International Trip to Rome, or even NYC, you need look no further than Las Vegas! Here, in the land of luxurious hotels, overindulgence, fine dining and caribbean-esque pools, you can pretend your way to almost anywhere in the world! Check out this list of Romantic Things To Do In Las Vegas! 7...

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12 Things You Must Know Before Visiting Colorado

Colorado has long been on top of the short list for many travelers. With countless waterfalls, and rivers, mountains historical sites, Colorado offers endless adventure. That being said, many people are entirely mistaken about what exactly Colorado is. It is amazing, and beautiful and rugged and tame. And there are a lot of things you should know before you cross the state line. From altitude sickness to the widely mistaken rocky mountain oyster, here is a solid list of 12 things to know before visiting Colorado. Colorado is an amazing place to visit, let alone live. One trip to the...

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Insider Guide to the Top 7 Uncrowded Colorado Ski Resorts

Last winter, Colorado reveled in one of its best snow seasons in years.  But this year….not so much. Resorts are working like mad to make snow, but with the large crowds, it’s nearly impossible to maintain even fair conditions. Now more than ever, having inside info to the lesser known and totally uncrowded  Colorado Ski Resorts is key to a good season. Lucky for Traveling Mom readers, we’ve got resident Colorado snowhound Unstoppable Traveling Mom to give us an Insider Guide to the top 7 uncrowded Colorado Ski Resorts. Top 7 Uncrowded Colorado Ski Resorts 1. Sunlight Mountain Resort...

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Disneyland Tips For First Time Visitors

Disney is renowned worldwide as the Happiest Place on Earth and for good reason. Everywhere you turn in Disneyland you see smiles and hear squeals of joy.  It’s hard not to be happy at Disneyland! And, every parent knows this. It has nearly become a right of passage to take your family to Disneyland. We all  want to see the magic come alive in our children. But, let me forewarn you … the learning curve for first time visitors is steep. By reading the following Disneyland Tips for First Time Visitors, you will have an edge on the park...

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6 Best Halloween Events Across the US

Who doesn’t love Halloween?  It’s a fun time for both kids and adults to enjoy. From Pumpkin Spice Latte’s and Costume Contests to terrifying Haunted Houses those who enjoy Halloween are a very diverse group. And, despite what kids think, it’s not all about Trick-or-Treating. No, there are  many wild Halloween Events across the nation that cater to every possible Halloween desire.  Following is a list of 6 best Halloween events in the US! Personally, I love Halloween because I have an insatiable sweet tooth. Now that I’m too old to go trick-or-treating, I have a plethora of kids...

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Fall Fun in Virginia Beach

Virginia is beautiful in the fall. With the changing of seasons brings a renewal to the air and the landscape. Virginia Beach is no exception. The air is still warm enough to enjoy the warm Atlantic Ocean. October may seem to be somewhat of an odd time to visit the beach, but in reality, it is one of the best times. Many full-time traveling families plan beach vacations after Labor Day specifically because the tourist season is over, the kids are back in school, and we basically have the entire beach to ourselves. Read on for some ideas for...

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