Silvana Clark

Silvana Clark

Silvana Clark began her exciting travel adventures when her mother put valuable porcelain in Silvana's stroller and smuggled items out of East Germany. Since that time Silvana has been happily married to a travel-crazy guy for 36 years. Her two daughters grew up knowing whenever there was a reason to travel or a great air fare bargain, they would be on the road. Silvana and her husband have spent the last three years getting paid to travel the country as Brand Ambassadors.

A Simple RV Tip to Save You from Embarrassment

Learning a skill often results in being awkward or embarrassed. Who hasn’t fumbled while trying to understand how a new computer program works or attempting to try a complicated soufflé recipe? When it comes to RV camping, here’s a little RV tip to save you the same embarrassment this TravelingMom faced when on her first camping trip to an RV resort. It Was Our First-Ever RV Camping Trip As a professional speaker, I often present keynotes on customer service. A state RV campground association booked me to speak. Since we were not Rvers — I had never even peeked...

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How to Customize a Cruise on the Konigsdam

If you’re new to cruising, you might not know that it’s possible to customize a cruise. Some people think it will be a “one size fits all” type of experience, where everything needs to be done as a group. Not true! Today’s cruise ships let you pick and choose from activities, dining experiences and off-shore trips. These cruise tips will show you how to personalize a cruise so you and your family can have a do-it-yourself customized experience. Cruising onboard the Konigsdam My husband and I were fortunate to have the time to take a 24-day Mediterranean cruise from...

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Blue Angels Practice Session: Flying High

Florida offers more than sandy beaches and theme parks. For an awe inspiring and patriotic experience, the Blue Angels practice sessions give an up close and personal look at these flying jets. Rather than seeing the planes fly off in the distance, the practice sessions in Pensacola take place in close proximity to spectators. Not too close of course! Blue Angels Free Practice Session Mention “Pensacola” and most people envision a Florida beach with sunshine and an influx of college students during Spring break. Since Pensacola is home to the Blue Angels flying squadron, their twice weekly practice sessions...

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Camp Free or Almost Free in Quartzsite, Arizona

Some people camp in their RVs to experience nature in a lush National Park. Others enjoy pulling their RV into a private RV campground, complete with manicured landscaping, organized activities and pools with varying temperatures. Then of course, there are those RVers who spend the winter in Quartzsite, Arizona, along with half a million other snowbirds. Quartzite, An Amazing Pop-Up City Visit the town of Quartzsite, Arizona from April to October and you’ll find a few gas stations, “Closed for the Season” restaurants and  a few (very few!) long-time residents. Come November, the city quickly transforms into a major...

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Go No-Tech and Get Wacky While Camping

  Parents often plan RV or tent camping experiences for a chance to spend that all-elusive “quality” time with their children. You may have visions of deep and meaningful conversations while roasting perfectly toasted golden-brown marshmallows. In reality, your children bicker and complain about the lack of WiFi. Here are some ways to let loose, go no-tech and show your children a side of your personality they seldom see. In other words…get wacky with these no-tech, high fun activities! Low Tech? NO-Tech! (Get Wacky) Ask your child if he or she wants to play Monopoly and you’ll get the...

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Could Your Family Survive A Year-Long RV Road Trip?

  “Don’t you think this family togetherness is going too far?” “Why would you want to spend a year in such close proximity to your husband and pre-teen daughter?” “You’ll drive each other crazy!” The skeptics were amazingly vocal in telling us why a 12 month road trip around the US in an RV was foolish and open to disaster. Instead of listening, we decide to follow the leads of other families who are known as “Full-Timing Families” and live in their RV’s, moving from place to place. Here’s what we learned by spending a year on the road,...

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How to Ensure a College Visit is Also a Unique Travel Experience

It’s not unusual for middle school students to discuss their upcoming college plans. Blog posts, newspapers and even Facebook stress the need to start preparing for college far in advance of high school graduation. This preparation usually involves college visits that might be across town or across the country. Here are some tips to get the most out of a college visit beyond having a cheerful tour guide and seeing a professional website. College Visits Mean New Travel Many, many years ago, when high school students did assignments on stone tablets, I began my college search when my high...

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Birthday Bonanza on Catalina Island

  Many restaurants or businesses offer special discounts or gifts when you proudly announce it is your birthday. On Catalina Island, (also known as the Birthday Island) you’ll be treated like royalty as shops, restaurants, and attractions offer you free items or steeply discounted prices when you wear your Birthday Ribbon, identifying you as a special guest. Even strangers on the street will acknowledge you with a friendly “Happy Birthday!” while passing by. Catalina Island, only 22 miles from Los Angeles, is a perfect day or weekend getaway.  Arriving at the harbor by Avalon, you’re free to explore by...

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Free Things to do in Bellingham, Washington

    Travel writers frequently describe the myriad of activities taking place in Seattle and Vancouver, British Columbia. Often, people tell me, “We loved visiting Seattle and then drove to Vancouver where we felt very cosmopolitan visiting another country.” What those families neglected to do was pull off the freeway and visit Bellingham, Washington, located midway between Seattle and Vancouver. There are plenty of free things to do there! Bellingham, Washington – What to Do for Free Having lived in Bellingham, Washington, over 30 years, we’ve done it all. We’ve hiked every trail, attended every festival and explored every...

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Send Your Teen to Summer Camp in Spain – For FREE!

As children reach their teens, summers become increasingly filled with part-time jobs, specialty camps, internships and hopefully some time to relax. Many schools now require community service hours as well. Here’s a unique camp for teens that combines education, volunteering and plenty of camp-centered fun. Best of all…it is free!   Free Summer Camp for Teens Summer camp is an American institution. Arts and crafts, swimming, ridiculous skits, and Crazy Olympic team activities are a part of most kids’ summers. Take all those standard activities, mix in teens from English speaking countries with native Spanish teens and you have...

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