Patty Holliday

Patty Holliday

Patty Holliday is a wife, mother of four, and travel agent specializing in Disney and Universal vacations. She loves a candid confession. Find her in Virginia or anywhere frequent flyer miles or her trusty Honda Odyssey takes her. That's 35 states and counting! With her teen, two tweens and kindergartener, her world is loud, sassy, hilarious as she balances family, work, travel, and fitness. If you need straight talk about mom'ing and traveling, she’s the one to call. She blogs at My No-Guilt Life.

Complete Guide to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party 2018 at Disney World

Visiting Disney World is always special, but going during Halloween is extra magical! We’ve got Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party 2018 dates along with insider tips and advice. Here’s how you can make the most of a visit to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at Disney World including the official rules for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party costumes. Complete Guide to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party 2018 at Disney World Boo to you and you and you! One of the highlights of Halloween at Disney is attending Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party (MNSSHP). This is a wonderful event for children as well...

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6 Things to Bring to the Beach (Including Your Family!)

Don’t blink: summer is upon us! And the TravelingMoms are planning to be “on-the-go” all summer long. We love taking our school-free time and spending it with our family at the beach. If finding the sun and surf is on your summer list of things to do, make sure you take a look at these 6 things to bring to the beach (including your family of course!). 6 Things to Bring to the Beach (Including Your Family!) 1. Your alarm clock. 2. Your Shade of Choice. 3. On the Subject of Skin Protection… 4. Chairs to sit on or...

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Never Look Back, Dahling! Incredible Summer at Walt Disney World

Channeling a little of her favorite super hero movie, Candid TravelingMom shares the details on what to expect during the Incredible Summer at Walt Disney World. All four theme parks will see new attractions, entertainment and experiences for guests starting May 25, 2018. In case you don’t know, when someone says Disney World, I say, “When can we go?” My husband thinks it is an illness or an obsession; I just think it is awesome. Yes, I’m one of those Disney people! Which explains my excitement today. There’s breaking news coming out of Walt Disney World Resort about the...

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Disney World Parking Fees Begin For Overnight Guests

Breaking news affecting guests staying at Disney World Resort hotels with vehicles: Disney World parking fees for overnight guests at Disney on property hotels and resorts. Here are the details you need to know about parking at Disney World hotels. Disney Starts Charging Hotel Guests for Overnight Parking A Disney World vacation is on many family travel bucket lists. With reason: They can be absolutely magical! But what’s not always magical is the Disney price tag. First-time travel planners soon learn that it’s going to cost you a pretty penny to experience the magic. And it’s just gotten a...

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Disney World Quick Service Dining Dos and Don’ts

What the rest of the world calls fast food, Walt Disney calls Quick Service Dining. These are the restaurants where guests order at a counter, get their food on a tray and find a table on their own. For the most part, Disney Quick Service Restaurants work the same way. But there are a few Dos and Don’ts that will improve your Disney dining experience including one new process you are going to love! After more visits to Disney World than I can count, I consider myself a Disney Quick Service Dining expert. Dining at Disney is almost an...

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3 New Reasons to Stay At Disney Springs Hotels

Walt Disney World Resort dropped somewhat of a bombshell in an announcement this week. Select Disney Springs Hotels will receive certain on property perks. Read on as Candid TravelingMom explains why this is a big thing and offers 3 new reasons to stay at Disney Springs hotels. If you’ve tried to book a Disney World onsite resort room lately, you’ve probably noticed a bit of a problem. There’s not a lot of availability. Refurbishments happen! But that takes rooms out of inventory. This is good news (yay, new rooms!) and bad news (boo- NO rooms!) for travelers heading to...

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The Ultimate Guide to Spending the Holidays at Universal Orlando

Spending the holidays at Universal Orlando is a tinsel coated Christmas dream of Candid TravelingMom Patty Holliday. With great weather, fabulous rides, and holiday parades and shows Universal Orlando offers much to be thankful for during this season! The holiday season runs Nov. 18, 2017 – Jan. 6, 2018 at Universal Orlando. The Ultimate Guide to Spending the Holidays at Universal Orlando While my family opted to stay home this year for the holidays, my nerdy little heart is dreaming of a Hufflepuff/Dr. Suess/Macy’s Parade Christmas at Universal Orlando. You can take the girl out of a theme park, but...

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Complete Guide to Uber, Lyft, & Ridesharing in Orlando

The life of a TravelingMom covers a lot of area in a short period of time. For those trips where you don’t need a full-time ride, but do need a way to get around quickly – consider rideshare companies. Candid TravelingMom shares the complete guide to using rideshare services in Orlando when theme park transportation just won’t do! One of the aspects I love about traveling to Universal Orlando Resort and Walt Disney World has to be that you don’t “need” a rental car. Both locations offer plentiful, free transportation to get you and your family around the resorts...

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Top 6 Dude Ranches For All Ages

Riding the range and driving cattle was a lifelong dream for Texan raised Candid TravelingMom. Dreams change over time, and as a mom with 4 kids (ages 6 to 14), she’s still looking for the cowboy experience, but one that’s more vacation than work in her dude ranch experience. Here are the best dude ranches for families covering kids of all ages. As a kid growing up in Texas, I was no stranger to the outdoors. From pitching a tent in the back yard with my bestie to camping and hiking with the Girl Scouts, my childhood memories include...

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Why You Need to visit Universal Orlando Before October 8, 2017

Breaking news out of Universal Orlando: changes are coming to the parks. We’re saying goodbye to an old favorite to make room for a new adventure. Here’s why you need to visit Universal Orlando before October 8, 2017. Universal Orlando just announced a closure is happening in early October. If you don’t have plans to hit the parks before then, now is the time to start making them! Why You Need to visit Universal Orlando Before October 8, 2017 It’s official: you have a few weeks to experience Terminator 2: 3-D at Universal Studios Florida. The last show will run...

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