Nicole Wakelin

Nicole Wakelin

Nicole Wakelin has been a nerd ever since she saw Star Wars on the big screen as a little girl. Now she has her own nerdy blog, Total Fan Girl, and hosts a segment on The D6 Generation gaming podcast. She's a contributor at GeekMom and geeks-out over cars at She Buys Cars and Boldride . In her spare time, she's Mom to two geek girls in training and teaches them all the important things in life like Han shot first, vampires don't sparkle, and always carry a towel.

Wander The Kancamagus and Enjoy the New Hampshire White Mountains

There doesn’t have to be a single destination to the journey. Visiting the New Hampshire White Mountains, we always spend some time driving along the Kancamagus Highway, stopping to explore and simply enjoy the truly beautiful mountain scenery. The Beauty of the Mountains We are fortunate to live within an hour of some of the most beautiful scenery in New Hampshire, so we try to take advantage of it as much as possible. Usually, this means a weekend spent camping, roasting marshmallows, and sleeping in tents, but sometimes it’s only a day trip. It’s beautiful no matter the season,...

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Experience the Thrill of a Zipline Through the New Hampshire White Mountains

The best adventures don’t necessarily have to be hours away and cost a small fortune. One of our favorite places to visit is the New Hampshire White Mountains because it’s a short drive from home with endless outdoor activities. This fall, we went for a zipline adventure and introduced the activity to a few members of our family who were along for the trip. Flying Through the Trees New Hampshire is a small state with big potential for outdoor fun. It has the shortest coastline in the country at just 13 miles, lakes, mountains, and easy access to Boston,...

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Finest Organic Food in Kennebunkport: Earth at Hidden Pond

Kennebunkport, Maine, is a popular vacation destination right along the East Coast. There are little shops and lovely places to grab a bite to eat right by the water, but drive a few miles inland and you will find Earth at Hidden Pond. This restaurant and inn is truly hidden. It’s tucked away in the woods and nearly invisible from the road. What it hides is a delicious menu of organic fare served in a relaxed, rustic environment that provides a welcome respite from the rush of life. A Gourmet Feast in the Woods The building looks like an old...

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The Thrill of the Hunt: Catching Lobster in Portland, Maine

The first thing most people think of when they think of Maine is lobster. That should rightly be spelled “lobstah” to account for the accent, but it’s delicious no matter the pronunciation you choose. Despite living just a few hours south of Maine, I’ve never had the chance to go out and catch lobster until this summer. It was all part of a day spent in Portland, Maine, that ended with an evening at a lovely inn located on an island out in the middle of Casco Bay. Time to Get Some Lobster Our adventure started aboard the Lucky...

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Young’s Jersey Dairy: Ice Cream So Good You’ll Make a Special Trip to Indianapolis

Each year, we take a family road trip out to Indianapolis, Indiana for something called GenCon. It’s a crazy gaming convention that we love, but it’s a 14-hour trip. Over the years we’ve accumulated a list of places to stop along the way. One place we never miss is Young’s Jersey Dairy in Yellow Springs, Ohio. It’s got plenty to entertain the kids, food, delicious ice cream, and cheese curds to nibble. There comes a time when you just need to get out of the car, have something to eat, and stretch your legs. Young’s Jersey Dairy is at...

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5 Things You Must Do at GenCon in Indianapolis, Indiana

GenCon is held each summer in Indianapolis, Indiana. It touts itself as “The Best Four Days in Gaming” and I agree. The focus isn’t on video games like you might expect, but on board games, card games, role-playing games, and miniature wargames. It is a massive affair and you cannot possibly see and do it all. Having just come back from my fifth GenCon, these are five things that should definitely be on your list if you make the trek. Best 4 Days in Gaming 1) Wander the Vendor Hall It’s pretty much mobbed from open to close, but...

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Ziplining with Nerds in Skagway Alaska

Ziplining is always exhilarating. Ziplining in Alaska adds an extra layer of exhilaration, as Nerdy TravelingMom learned this summer. Ziplining through the treetops of Skagway Alaska means crossing suspension bridges, zipping over rivers, and hootin’ and hollerin’–all the while accompanied by a couple of awesome nerds. Ziplining in Skagway Our big family vacation this summer was a cruise to Alaska. This was our first cruise and our first trip to Alaska so it was a very big deal. Months of planning finally got us there and we had a wonderful time aboard the Disney Wonder. There were three stops along...

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Driving a Jeep Wrangler Through the Yukon

Cruising offers lots of opportunities to get off the boat and explore. Our recent vacation saw us cruising the Alaskan coast and it offered the chance to see not just a state we’ve never visited, but another country, too. During our stop in Skagway, Alaska we took a Jeep Wrangler tour into the Canadian Yukon and it was an incredible experience. Ready For Adventure There were two reasons that we picked this excursion from the overwhelming list of choices offered by the cruise line. First, my husband owns a Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk and is learning about off-roading at home in...

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Disconnect From the World and Reconnect With Your Family on a Camping Adventure

The average family is constantly connected. We’ve got phones and tablets and laptops and portable this and that to keep us connected to friends, family, and work even when we are supposed to be on vacation. I love technology, but sometimes it’s good to disconnect from the world and take the time to reconnect with family. A camping adventure is a great way to rediscover the fun of simply being with the people you love. Our family camps 3-4 times a year, usually in the New Hampshire White Mountains because they’re only about an hour north of home. Sometimes...

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Polly’s Pancake Parlor in Sugar Hill, NH – A Delicious Family Tradition

Polly’s Pancake Parlor in Sugar Hill, New Hampshire, is easily the best breakfast you’ll get while you’re in the White Mountains. This year we were particularly excited because they’ve redone the entire building to seat more people. They also added a waiting area and plan to be open all year long. No more waiting for Spring to enjoy our favorite pancakes! Best Breakfast Spot Several times a year we make the trek up to the New Hampshire White Mountains to spend a weekend hiking, camping, and even zip-lining. All that activity requires lots of energy, so we get up...

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