Heather B

Heather B

Heather B. is the wife to a wonderfully supportive husband, Jared, whom she married in 2003, and a mom to 3 beautiful and creative children (6, 8, and 10 years old). The family moved overseas in 2010, and hasn't thought of returning home any time soon. Since moving abroad, they have traveled to the UAE, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Germany, France, Turkey, Nepal, Hong Kong, Singapore and soon, Indonesia. Heather documents her family's travels from the affordable to luxury, all around the world. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @expattravelmom.

9 More Activities to Do in Hong Kong with Kids

Once again, Hong Kong exceeded our expectations during our weeklong Christmas vacation. Last year, I found that we didn’t make it to much of what I had planned due to getting side-tracked in other sight seeing as there are so many activities to do in Hong Kong with kids. Rarely do I stray from the itineraries I put together for vacations, let alone plan vacations without an itinerary, but Hong Kong has a way of calling us into different directions than planned. Perhaps this might be a place we move to in the future? We previously stayed on the Kowloon side...

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5 Reasons to Move to Singapore, and Why You Won’t

In our heads, we all have our thoughts of the ideal places to live. We begin to prioritize these choices in our heads and then add up the pros and cons. We hope that one side will outweigh the other and lead us to our destination dream. This being said, there is no ideal place where everything is perfect. There’s always something that you wish was different to make it 100%, but you’ll settle for 90% any day. With our move to Singapore, I’ve come to the realization that I have it pretty darn good here when I look...

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Four Seasons Resort, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Indulge your five senses when you step onto the grounds of the Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai.  Just seeing a tropical jungle paradise amidst rice fields, smelling the fragrant flower displays found all around the resort, hearing the various exotic birds calling, touching the cool waters of the terraced pool or tasting the spicy sweet flavors of Thai food, your entire body is sure to awaken and be heightened like never before.  Whether you are traveling as a getaway vacation from the children, or making it a family affair, the Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai will make sure your...

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Hazy Days in Indonesia; Singapore Suffering Too

If you’re planning a trip to South East Asia in the next six weeks, you might want to think twice. Hazy days in Indonesia are causing Singapore to suffer with nearly unbreathable air quality. Hundreds of fires are burning in both Sumatra and Kalimantan with smoke and haze converging on Singapore. PSI (air quality levels) are considered “hazardous” by the National Environmental Agency, to the point where all public and most private schools have already been closed for Friday, September 25th. Singapore went into 340+ PSI today, while Kalimantan’s level exceeded 2000. Reports show that the #sghaze will be...

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Wonders of Bali Island – Learning to Surf with the Pros

When we landed in Bali, the first thing we noticed was an airport full of surfers collecting their boards from trolleys at baggage claim. Who knew? As we made our way to Pro Surf, the recipe for a day on the beach couldn’t have been more perfect. The sun was shining, the skies were clear blue, the ocean was the perfect temperature and we had four kids (one adult version) ready to hit the Bali island waves. Bali is a mecca for surfers, beginners and advanced, year round. Surfing the Bali Island Waves My husband has always dreamed of learning...

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A Surprisingly Lovely Getaway at Holiday Inn Resort Baruna, Bali

Never in my life did I ever expect to come across a Holiday Inn Resort quite like this one.  While minutes from the airport, the moment you enter the grand entrance gates and step into the beautifully handcrafted lobby, you’ll feel remote and secluded somewhere in the heart of Bali. This was truly a a place where the kids could have fun being kids, and the parents could unwind and relax with the many amenities offered. Holiday Inn Resort What Works for Families As is consistent throughout the Holiday Inn chain of hotels and resorts, kids under 12 eat...

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Family Friendly Luxury at Padma Resort Legian, Bali

Expansive, high-end touches, options galore and kid friendly…that’s what this resort has going for it.  Completely steeped in Bali tradition, the Padma Resort Legian will satisfy all senses.  You might get lost while walking around the grounds of this resort, but no matter where you are, you’ll find beautiful touches such as statues, gardens, eating areas and relaxing spaces.  About a 20 minute drive from the airport, nestled in the midst of busy Kuta, you’ll feel like you’ve escaped to your ultimate tropical getaway. What Works for Families Kids’ pool with slides, Family lagoon-style pool , Main pool and...

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Kid-Friendly Charm at the Omni Colonnade in San Antonio

Looking for a family friendly hotel for your next vacation? The Omni Colonnade, San Antonio is just the place to let the kids have fun, while mom and dad relax. You might even get to sleep with the fishes if you book the family-friendly Aquatica Suite! The Omni Colonnade provides themed rooms for the kids, relaxing spaces for the adults, two pools and movies pool-side on the weekends. It’s a short distance to downtown and close to the medical centers. What Works for Families Kid themed suites with a space for the kids (including Wii and Playstation) and a...

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Hotel Review: La Torretta Lake Resort and Spa, Montgomery, Texas

La Torretta Lake Resort and Spa, Montgomery, Texas, is a haven for kids and adults alike.  An expansive resort on the edge of Lake Conroe, La Torretta Lake Resort and Spa offers plenty of activities and amenities to entertain both the young and the older visitor. What Works for Families Generous sized family suites and villas. Adventure Pointe, a kid-friendly play area with Wii, movies and arts and crafts. Mini-putt, Aqua Park, tennis, golf, a spa with a little princess package and more. Kid-friendly grounds no matter where you are. What Doesn’t Work for Families Expensive to eat on...

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10 Family Friendly Fun Things to Do in San Antonio Texas

Texas is big, and there’s a lot to see, but if you need to narrow down your must-see cities, I’d put San Antonio at the top of your list. Downtown San Antonio is not only rich in history and culture, it offers numerous activities and attractions for both the young and young at heart. With kids ages 10, 9 and 7 in tow, we made sure to explore as much as we could, from downtown to the outer edges of the city. Here’s our Top 10 List of not-so-typical but very touristy things to do in San Antonio that...

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