Monique White, Abroad TravelingMom

Monique White, Abroad TravelingMom

Monique White is a native Californian who has spent the last two decades living in The Netherlands. A mom of 2 teenage daughters who are also enthusiastic travelers, Monique blogs at An Unstoppable Journey where she writes about her life as an expat, travels around the globe, both alone and with her family, and her quest to “run the world” one destination race at a time.

Follow the Trail of the Royal Wedding

Just as throngs of people lined the streets of London to glimpse of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as they passed notable landmarks en route to Buckingham Palace from Westminster Abbey, so will excited spectators await a look at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle during their procession on their wedding day. Follow the trails of the open-topped carriages through the streets of London or the village of Windsor, and make your own procession, visiting palaces, parks and parliament buildings along the way. All eyes are on London as we count down to the royal wedding, as Prince Harry...

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Honoring the Pilgrims in Holland at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is an iconic American holiday, so why would it be celebrated in Holland? Turns out the Pilgrims had an 11-year layover in the Netherlands on their way to America. Here, an American ex-pat living in the Netherlands shares the history of the Pilgrims and Thanksgiving in Holland. Why Thanksgiving is Celebrated in the Netherlands After the pilgrims left England to escape the established Anglican Church, and before they landed on Plymouth Rock, they arrived in Leiden, the Netherlands where they lived for 11 years. Thanksgiving holds a special significance for the Dutch and every year in Leiden, the...

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5 Cities You Should Visit on your Next Family Vacation in Europe

One of the best things about a family vacation in Europe is how easy it is to visit another country. You can plan a vacation to Paris and spend a weekend in Athens. Or Barcelona. These five cities should be on your itinerary for your next family vacation in Europe. 5 European Cities To Visit Barcelona Valencia Vienna Prague Athens Vacation Like European Families Do City breaks are very popular in Europe. During the autumn, when it feels like winter and spring breaks are light years away, my family and I like to steal away for a short weekend...

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8 Things to Do in Amman Jordan with Kids

Filled with ruins and archaeological treasures, Jordan is a surprisingly underrated and overlooked destination. A compelling mix of new and old, a contemporary ambiance and fascinating culture, make Amman an exciting place to explore. Here are 8 family-friendly ways to enjoy this Middle Eastern treasure. 8 Things to Do with Kids in Amman Jordan Find Roman ruins away from Rome Visit the Citadel (Jabal Al-Qalaa) Play at the Children’s Museum Bob in the Dead Sea Explore the Royal Family’s Auto Museum Shop at the Downtown Souk Amble down Rainbow Street Visit Abu Darwish Mosque Jordan’s capital is one of the Middle East’s most modern...

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Visiting Los Angeles? Check out Rockin’ Hollywood Tours

Los Angeles. Home to sun, surf and stars. Looking to do a little star-gazing and get a taste of the magic of the movies and wanting to take my daughters, Paris and Vanessa, on a Hollywood tour I settled on the Rockin’ Hollywood Tour. Riding in an open top bus, the tour goes through Hollywood, past celebrity homes and haunts, and along the famous (infamous?) streets:  Rodeo Drive, Muholland Drive and the Sunset Strip, combining humor, real estate, and Hollywood trivia and anecdotes. The 2-hour tour passes dozens of sites, including well-known landmarks such as the Jim Henson Company...

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Renaissance Paris Le Parc Trocadero Review

On a recent trip to Paris, my family and I stayed at the Renaissance Paris Le Parc Trocadero. The hotel is located in the 16th arrondissement, a quiet, elegant neighborhood that is within walking distance of the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and Champs-Élysées, and with 2 Metro stops in close proximity, Paris’ many other attractions are easily accessible as well. I was immediately taken with the hotel’s modern lobby, especially the green accents in the décor, which reminded me of Paris in spring (and we know there’s nothing better than that). It turns out that was exactly how...

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Culture, Couture and Cuisine in Antwerp

Antwerp positively sparkles and I was mesmerized by the diamond capital of Europe from the moment I stepped off the train onto the platform of the fabulous Art Deco train station. Though often overlooked in favor of Brussels, Antwerp’s cutting-edge fashion, modern architecture and innovative cuisine gives it a funkier vibe and proved to be a great choice for a girlfriends’ getaway. Couture Our weekend getaway began with a guided tour of fashionable Antwerp. Antwerp’s reputation in the world of fashion was built around the Antwerp Six, a group of six designers who all met while studying at the...

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Utrecht, Holland’s Unsung Treasure

Utrecht has an extensive number of cultural events an old town encircled by a medieval canal and numerous cafés, restaurants and shops and interesting museums. Despite all it has to offer, it remains, as the travel guide Lonely Planet describes it, “bizarrely under-visited”. Don’t let that deter from visiting. Instead, use it to your advantage and take a side trip from Amsterdam to discover this wonderfully pleasant city in the heart of the Netherlands. History and Culture of Utrecht, Holland Utrecht was the Netherlands’ ecclesiastic center since the 8th century, and there is no better symbol of the city’s...

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Centuries of Maritime History in Amsterdam

Without the sea, there is no Netherlands, whose wealth and power was built in large part from the shipping and trade industries. The country’s rich maritime legacy is told through the display of more than 300,000 objects representing 500 years of history at the Scheepvartmuseum in Amsterdam. Everything about the museum harkens the sea, from the building itself, a former naval storehouse built in the 17th-century on the water in order to supply and offload ships on all sides to the replica of the Amsterdam VOC ship, moored next to the museum. Even the impressive lattice glass roof in...

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Diving, Driving and Shopping in Sharm El Sheikh

Beyond the Pyramids: Sharm El Sheikh Sharm El Sheikh is less pyramids and mummies and more sun, sea and sand. This seaside resort located on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula is surrounded by the Red Sea on one side and Mount Sinai on the other. The resort offers plenty of activities to engage in, from horse and camel riding, desert safaris and a wide range of water sports, all of the ingredients for a fun, exotic and safe family vacation. Sharm El Sheikh is a world-class diving destination, and at the time, no one in my family...

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