Deb Steenhagen, TravelingMom with Daughters

Deb Steenhagen, TravelingMom with Daughters

Deb is Director of Operations for and the mom of 3 teen and tween girls. She lives in the greater Grand Rapids area in West Michigan, and is a former city planner and GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Analyst who loves gadgets, maps, writing, and traveling both within and outside of Michigan. She also enjoys reading, running and knitting. You can follow her thoughts and drama-filled adventures at Mom of 3 Girls.

5 Must Dos for Harry Potter Fans in London

  London is an exciting destination for families, with much to offer. For Harry Potter fans, there is even more to see and do. TravelingMom with Daughters shares what to see and do to bring wizarding magic into your vacation when visiting London with kids. Having the opportunity for a wish by the amazing Make-A-Wish Foundation, we knew that my teen daughter Hannah would choose something related to Harry Potter. She has been a huge fan of the series ever since first reading the books at age seven. And after ten months of intensive chemotherapy, she definitely deserved a...

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Tips for Staying Safe While Traveling Abroad

We never know when something bad might occur. Terrorist attacks and local unrest are reported on the news all the time. How would it affect you if you were traveling in a place where something horrific happens? Our TravelingMom with Daughters learned the hard way that she was not as prepared as she thought when a terrorist struck during her family’s long-anticipated first trip abroad. Don’t make the same mistakes she did; follow these safety tips for international travel. 5 Tips for Staying Safe While Traveling Abroad Share your Itinerary Cell and Internet Data Service Enroll in STEP Have...

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9 Best Things to Do on Maui with a Family

The Kaanapali Beach area on Maui is a popular destination for honeymooners and families alike. With beaches, pools, boats, and Hawaiian cultural activities, there is plenty for folks of all ages to enjoy. Our TravelingMom with Daughters explores 9 of the best things to do on Maui with kids. Things to Do on Maui with Kids TravelingMom goes to Maui! We sent eight of our writers to Kaanapali Beach to learn about Maui, explore the area and find the best things to do on Maui with kids. It wasn’t difficult – this area seems made for families to enjoy...

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Go Gold for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Throughout the U.S. every year more and more businesses and families are ‘going gold’ to increase awareness of the lack of funding to help find cures. Cancer can strike kids of any age and some are even born with it. Unlike many adult cancers, there are few, if any, lifestyle or environmental causes for why kids get cancer. Our TravelingMom with Daughters shares how childhood cancer has changed her family’s lives – and their travels – over the past few years. During the summer of 2012, my family took the longest vacation and...

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5 Helpful Tips for Pin Trading at Walt Disney World

Pin trading is a fun way to collect easily-portable and affordable souvenirs. It is also a fun way to create experiences by meeting and chatting with Walt Disney World cast members as you trade. Disney cast members will trade approved pins with any guest. There are pin-trading rules and etiquette that you should be familiar with before you start. Our TravelingMom with Daughters shares helpful tips to get you started! On a recent trip to Walt Disney World, the only souvenirs that my kids asked me to bring back for them were pins. I was more than happy to do so....

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3 Mistakes NOT to Make When Applying for Your Child’s First Passport

A child’s first international trip involves a lot of planning and preparation, including applying for his or her passport in plenty of time. A child passport has some different requirements than applying for an adult passport. Our TravelingMom with Daughters shares tips to help make sure that you know what you have to do before you cost yourself extra in time, money and worry. A few years ago, my teenage daughter’s high school robotics team traveled to Calgary for a competition over spring break. How cool is that – such an incredible opportunity for her! I’d known that this trip was...

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6 Free Activities in Sioux Falls the Whole Family will Love!

If you find yourself along the I-29 corridor in South Dakota, don’t miss a stop in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It’s perfect for a family getaway. Our TravelingMom with Daughters explores six free things to do in Sioux Falls, the Heart of America. 6 Free Activities in Sioux Falls the Whole Family will Love! Sioux Falls is the largest city in South Dakota, located at the junction of I-29 and I-90 near the state’s borders with Minnesota and Iowa. Whether you’re looking for shopping, food, outdoor adventures or arts and culture, there’s plenty to offer here. There are many free experiences to...

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7 Tips for Surviving a Rainy Day at Disney World

A Disney vacation involves months of planning, costs of airfare (or gas), accommodations, park tickets, plus the logistics of getting your family to Orlando. But you can’t control the fickle Florida weather. Your park days could involve thunderstorms, rain showers, extreme heat – or a combination of all the above. Not fair, right? Our TravelingMom with Daughters shares her seven best tips for surviving a rainy day at Disney World. Although you can control some factors to help ensure that your vacation will have the perfect weather (the time of year, checking long-range forecasts, etc.), Mother Nature tends to like surprises. But...

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Netflix Offline Streaming – A Family Travel Game Changer

Love using electronics to help keep your kids occupied on family road trips or airplane flights? There’s a new family-friendly option to save on data costs – Netflix offline streaming. TravelingMom with Daughters shares the details of why you need a Netflix account before your next family vacation! Netflix Offline Streaming Electronic devices – as parents we both love and hate them, right? Yes, we may work to limit our kids’ screen time in general. But let’s face it, there is really no better way to keep kids quiet and busy on a long road trip or airplane. Phones, iPads, iPods,...

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