Mary Moore

Mary Moore

Mary Moore is the retro ­loving mother of two young children who enjoys the freedom of driving the open road in search of adventure. She and her family are working their way through the backroads and cities of America in their seafoam green 1950s Bel Air. You can read more about their lifestyle and adventures on the blog Raising Dick and Jane.

Ultimate Guide to Roadside Attractions in Michigan

If you’re a lover of the road, much like our Retro Travelingmom, then this guide to the best roadside attractions in Michigan is for you! Join us for a tour of Michigan’s most loved attractions and possibly learn about a few that you probably never heard of before! Ready to see where you can find the home of Motown or a giant concrete seagull – all within the grasp of the mitten state? Then, let’s get started! Michigan Roadtrip Ideas Michigan is a fun state to road trip though because there really is a lot to see. And it doesn’t...

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7 Halloweekends Cedar Point Tips – What is Not So Scary

Every year around Halloween, Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio transforms into a thrill seeker’s haunted paradise. While all of the typical fun remains, such as the rollercoasters and traditional park treats, they also add into the mix several temporary haunted attractions. Now,  you may have heard that Halloweekends at Cedar Point is a bit too scary for some kids. While that may be true during the evening hours, we’ve found that the daytime is the perfect time to visit with those who are a bit more fearful. Read on to see what advice our Retro TravelingMom has to say...

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Review: Luxurious Eau Palm Beach Resort and Spa Hotel with Kids

Hoping to wiggle in a little “me time” into your next family vacation? When you travel as a family, getting that relaxing time alone can sometimes be difficult. However, it’s not impossible. On her latest trip to the Palm Beaches, Retro TravelingMom stayed at the Eau Palm Beach Resort and Spa. Here she found a self-indulgent destination that also made for a wonderful family vacation. Ready to see the details of this family friendly, luxurious, and a bit retro quirky resort? We’ve got the inside experience you’re wanting to know before you go. The Palm Beaches with Kids The...

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8 Reasons to Take Your Kids to Fort Wayne, Indiana

Fort Wayne, Indiana was always a drive through area for Retro TravelingMom, usually on the way from Michigan to Florida. However, once she stopped and made it her destination, a whole new world of fun, learning, food, and nature came into focus. This city, which many may unknowingly pass by, could easily be at the forefront of your next vacation with kids. Here are 8 reasons why you should take your kids to Fort Wayne, Indiana. A Midwest Weekend Getaway There are some vacation destinations that my kids will simply tolerate and then there are some that they beg for!...

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6 Best Things to Eat at Holiday World, Santa Claus, Indiana

It would make perfect sense that a holiday-themed amusement park would have good tasting food, right? Imagine if all of your favorite treats from all of the different US holidays were somehow brought together into one park. Turkey for Thanksgiving, blue ice cream for the 4th of July and hot cocoa with Santa Claus? That is close to what Retro TravelingMom discovered at Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana. Out of all of the amazing things she found to eat, read on for her 6 best things to eat at Holiday World. Holiday World | Santa Claus, Indiana Holiday World...

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How to Be Part of Dapper Days Events at Disney Parks

There is a new trend sweeping the parks, but it only takes place twice a year and on certain dates. This event is called “Dapper Days”. How do you become involved? Where does it all take place? In order to find out, several TravelingMoms took to the Walt Disney World parks during the recent spring event. Retro TravelingMom joined in with the mission of finding out exactly what you need to know to attend. Those unknowingly wandering into Dapper Days during their family vacation might wonder if they’d accidentally stepped into a time warp.  This is because, during these...

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Would You Vacation with Your Family to a Commune?

Hidden away in the knobs of central Kentucky lies a vintage Shaker village. While this historic commune is no longer in practice, it still offers many of the homegrown benefits of self-sustainability entwined within its rich history and culture. Retro TravelingMom Mary Moore recently spent the night in one of these restored Shaker homes and found out what there is to do on a 200-year-old farm as a family. What she found surprised her. Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill, Harrodsburg, Kentucky Have you ever heard of the Shakers? This was a movement that I was not well aware of before...

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14 Things Not To Miss During Your Stay at Castaway Bay Indoor Waterpark Resort

Some people might only visit a waterpark for one thing, the water attractions. At Castaway Bay Indoor Waterpark Resort, I recommend planning to do a whole lot more! With rooms on-site, themed activities, special themed guests, and multiple food options, there is so much more to do than just swim. Trust me, you’ll want to be sure you and your family don’t miss out on these 14 Castaway Bay resort perks during your next stay. Castaway Bay Indoor Waterpark Resort Being stuck inside for long periods of time can be catastrophic for my kids (and my sanity) –  unless...

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The Secret to Easy Packing for a Weekend Trip

Packing is never the fun part of travel. But it doesn’t have to be stressful. The key is to remember the essentials. Read on for a list of the 10 must-pack items that will get a mom through just about any weekend trip. (Undergarments? Check.) It works even if you don’t have a closet full of destination-ready clothing or a lot of time to go shopping before you pack for a weekend trip. Photo by Mary Moore / Retro TravelingMom. Packing for a Weekend Trip What’s the first thing you do when you start to prepare for a weekend...

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8 Places Food-Lovers Dine in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ann Arbor, Michigan is a melting pot of different cuisines. It’s easy to walk the streets of this bustling university town and find places that serve sought-after dishes from countries all around the world or meals made with ingredients cultivated only miles from where you sit. For those of us who love being adventurous in our dining but who can’t always travel outside the US for an authentic meal, Ann Arbor is the place to visit – and when you do, these are the places you’ll find the foodies at (and for very good reason). The Ann Arbor Food...

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