Liana Moore, Mountain TravelingMom

Liana Moore, Mountain TravelingMom

Liana Moore lived overseas growing up, attending British public school for kindergarten in London. She then moved to Stavanger, Norway for nine years until age 15, growing up with friends of different cultures. Summers involved camps in Switzerland and Wales, plus USA time in East Texas and Minnesota. Liana sees things from others’ viewpoints, believing those experiences shaped the woman she is today. She’s instilling that empathy in her children, having fun along the way. Currently based in the mountains of Colorado, much of her time is spent exploring the Rocky Mountains. When she’s not marketing a resort property professionally, or traveling and writing, find her trying out new sports like BMX biking with her nine-year-old daughter or debating with her five-year-old son (and occasionally winning). Follow Liana’s adventures at Insider Families.

The Ultimate Family Ski Trip Packing List

A family ski trip can be a bonding, exhilarating experience. There’s something mind clearing about ascending up the mountain bundled up in the crisp air, and then soaring down the snow covered slopes on skis. But keeping warm and comfortable is key to the fun. And, the secret to keeping warm is making sure you have the all important ski equipment. Mountain TravelingMom shares her secrets to making your ski vacation a success for the entire family, including a free printable ski trip packing list. Traveling Mom uses affiliate links that may pay us if you purchase through them....

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6 Fun Things to Do at Copper Mountain Ski Resort

Mountain TravelingMom has been living in and skiing Colorado ski resorts for twenty years. Since she moved within 30 miles of two of the best ski resorts in Colorado fifteen years ago she admittedly hasn’t visited enough of the others. Last winter she and her family (kids ages 5 and 9) had the opportunity to spend a couple of days skiing Copper Mountain. Her entire family was so impressed with the expansive ski terrain that offered something for every ski ability. However with the many fun things to do at Copper Mountain with a family, skiing was just icing...

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A Mom’s Guide to Star Wars Virtual Reality at Disney World

At the Void’s “Secrets of the Empire” in Disney Springs visitors have the opportunity to don virtual reality gear and enter a hyper reality world of a Star Wars adventure. A TravelingMom and TravelingDad team stepped into this immersive world where they were disguised as Storm Troopers to embark on a rebel mission to capture Imperial intelligence. What did they think and would they recommend Star Wars virtual reality for families? As I sit down to write this article, I’ve just watched The Last Jedi for the fifteenth time. Friday nights at our house are family movie night. More...

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4 Fun Things to Do with Kids in Vail, Colorado in Summer

One of best things about visiting Vail, Colorado, is that you are compelled to spend your time outdoors as it is so beautiful. The options of outdoor activities in Vail in the summer and fall are endless. The mountain environment offers maximum outdoor fun for families of all ages – from soaring up or down the mountain to exploring it on horseback or foot. Here are 4 things to do with kids in Vail Colorado in the summer. 4 Favorite Things to Do in Vail, Colorado in the Summer 1. EPIC Discovery 2. Take a HIKE 3. PLAY at...

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Family Hiking: How to Get Kids off the Couch and Into the Woods

Hiking simply makes Mountain TravelingMom happy. Prior to having children, she somehow managed to find time to take a couple of vigorous hikes each week, even summiting a couple of Fourteeners, mountain peaks with elevations of 14,000 feet or higher. As her children are getting older, ages five and nine now, she is working towards her goal of cultivating family hiking buddies. Why? Hiking is proven to make us healthier and boost our mood. So how to get kids hiking? Read on! There is no better way to slow down, enjoy nature and de-stress than to take a family...

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What’s an Alpine coaster and Why You Need to Ride One This Year

Mountain TravelingMom first rode an alpine slide in Breckenridge, Colorado in the mid-2000s. Since then she’s had the opportunity to ride the alpine coaster at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park on several occasions and then was one of the first to ride the Forest Flyer at the Vail Epic Discovery ribbon cutting in 2016. She and her family (kids ages five and eight) are big fans of speeding down the mountain on an alpine coaster and think that if you haven’t tried it you should! What the heck is an Alpine Coaster? Inform yourself now as 2018 is sure to...

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7 Disney Cruise Dining Tips for Families

Mountain TravelingMom recently took her first family cruise aboard the Disney Fantasy for seven nights. Her kids, ages five and nine, keep asking when they can go on another. Though Disney Cruises gets good dining reviews, Mountain TravelingMom was skeptical. Cooking for that many people has to be a monumental task. However, her entire family was impressed with their Disney Cruise dining experience. Here are their Disney Cruise dining tips to make the most of the experience. 7 Disney Cruise Dining Tips 1. Book the early dinner seating! 2. Make sure to make your seating at Animator’s Palate. 3....

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Star Wars Day at Sea: 5 Ways to Make it Worth the Price

Mountain TravelingMom checked off one of her family’s bucket list items last month and went on a 7-night Disney Cruise that included the Star Wars Day at Sea. Read what her family, including kids of ages five and nine, thought of the experience. Here are their tips on how to make the most of a Star Wars Day at Sea! 5 Tips to Make Star Wars Day at Sea Worth the Price: 1. Sign up for Jedi Training 2. Stalk the Star Wars Characters 3. Star Wars Activities at the Oceaneers Club 4. Make the Star Wars Show 5....

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Bringing Fairy Tales to Life Visiting Ice Castles

If you live in a winter climate near one of the six Ice Castles locations, chances are you’ve seen some colorful winter wonderland photos come across your social media feed. These magical twinkling castles built of ice were imagined and created by Brent Christensen. He started out by building miniature versions of today’s castles in his backyard for his daughter. These breathtaking creations are straight out of a fairy tale. So what is there to know about visiting Ice Castles? Read on for our essential guide to visiting Ice Castles. Where in the World are these Ice Castles? The...

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Fun & Favorite Travel Board Games for the Family

Pack one of these family board games when traveling so you’re ready when someone yells “I’m bored!” A board game is the one family packing essential families don’t always think to pack. Great board games produce belly laughs and meaningful memories, and they can be educational too. Our favorites for 2018 include classics like Pictionary, Scrabble and new ones sure to become your favorite travel board games for the family. From word games to charade games we’ve got recommendations for all ages. Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. If you click through and buy, TravelingMom will get a...

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