Kimberly Tate, Active TravelingMom

Kimberly Tate, Active TravelingMom

Kimberly Tate resides in the Emerald City of Seattle, Washington by way of the yellow brick road from Kansas. She’s the owner and writer at Stuffed Suitcase, a travel and family lifestyle site. Her knowledge of family travel has come via her own experiences exploring the globe with her two daughters and husband. During free time she enjoys running, reading, and spending time online. She also enjoys sipping coffee and wine, but never at the same time.

Disney California Adventure Rides: The Ultimate Guide for Families

With so much to see and do at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, you need to do some advance research on where to spend your time. Many are familiar with the classic rides and attractions at Disneyland Park, but do you know all there is to do across the way at that “other park”? Disney California Adventure is growing fast and offers some fun excitement for kids of all ages. Here’s your essential ride guide for Disney California Adventure Park at the Disneyland Resort. What’s the Best Ride in Disney California Adventure? I guess that’s a bit of...

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Planning a Staycation with Printable Checklist

It’s that time of the year when everyone is planning for summer vacations. For some families the cost associated with a family vacation isn’t possible, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a summer escape. Staycations are the perfect budget-friendly option to help you enjoy bonding as a family while saving a bit of cash as well. Our staycation checklist will help you organize your staycation ideas and plan for a fun trip to visit your hometown region. Traveling Mom uses affiliate links that may pay us if you purchase through them. Thanks for your support. Tips for Planning...

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How to Make Museum Visits Fun for Kids

Many vacation destinations list museums as one of their top things to do. Museums can help provide deeper understanding of a specific topic and add in some educational travel to your trip. But museum visits also bring to front one of the big conflicts of family vacations, how do you keep kids interested in adult topics? How to Make Visiting a Museum with Kids Fun? Buy an Audio Tour Look into Family Programs Scavenger Hunts Pack a Sketch Pad Book a Private Museum Tour Visit the Cafe Hand Over the Map I’ll admit that we’ve had some great museum...

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7 Fun Things to Do in Phoenix Arizona

Heading to the desert of the southwest can be an epic adventure for families who love nature with a side of luxury. From adventurous ATV drives in the desert to picnics under pecan trees, the city has something for all. Whether you’re planning a family vacation to the Valley of the Sun or just looking for things to do in Phoenix this weekend, you’ll find 7 fun ideas here. 7 Fun Things to Do in Phoenix AZ 1. ATV / UTV Adventure in the Desert 2. Taste Along the Fresh Foodie Trail 3. Olive Tasting and Shopping 4. Pamper Yourself 5....

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8 Essential Spring Break Family Road Trip Tips

Traveling together as a family can lead to great memories that kids will remember for the rest of their lives. Many of us have memories of those childhood road trips, crammed in the backseat of our family sedan, as we traipsed over the mountains to grandma’s house or that epic National Park. Now we suddenly have our own kids we’re trying to create memories for and it can be a whole new ballgame when you’re suddenly the responsible party. These family road trip tips will help ensure your kids have fond memories of your Spring Break vacation. 8 Family...

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8 Best Things to Do in the Snow with Kids

It’s that time of the year when many families find their kids back home for winter break. With the daylight hours at their shortest, and temps at their lowest, many will huddle indoors during the break. Don’t let your winter vacation get wasted away on screens, instead get outside! Here are 8 best things to do in the snow with kids. From snowmobiling to building a snowman, these winter activities are guaranteed to bring smiles and memories to your family. 8 Things to Do in the Snow with Kids on Winter Vacation 1. Snowmobiling 2. Snowshoeing 3. Snow Tubing...

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Disneyland Stopped Selling Popular Annual Pass

Are the crowds at Disneyland just too much? Visiting families save and plan for months or even years for that magical Disneyland vacation. Will they be disappointed to discover their fantasyland destination is filled with wall-to-wall people? Disneyland has quietly made a move to try and make an impact on this runaway park attendance by removing the option to buy the popular Disneyland annual pass. Disneyland Crowds I’ve been going to Disneyland with my girls since they were toddlers. Our earliest trip being a decade ago. In that time, I’ve seen ticket prices nearly double, and park attendance felt...

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Food at Aulani: From Character Meals to Fine Dining

With ten restaurants on site, guests dining at Disney’s Aulani can get a variety of experiences on their vacation. From breakfast with Minnie to romantic meals by the ocean, there’s a place for it at Aulani. Want some famous Hawaiian shaved ice? They’ve got that too. Start planning where you’ll eat with this guide to the food at Aulani. We also have money-saving and allergy-friendly dining tips! Food at Aulani: From Character Meals to Fine Dining Disney’s Aulani is a true resort destination on the island of Oahu. With a gorgeous beachfront, daily activities, multiple pools, and of course...

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What’s Hawaiian about Aulani? Finding Hawaiian Culture at Disney’s Luxury Resort on Oahu

There’s more to Hawaii than just sunshine and sand. Hawaiian culture and history is a big point of pride for Hawaiians. Some resorts look to just give you a room on the sand, but Disney’s Aulani is different. Aulani gives its guests the opportunity to hear, feel, and learn about Hawaiian culture during their stay. Where to Find Hawaiian Culture at Aulani My family has fallen in love. It’s hard not to fall in love with Hawaii, but our hearts were certainly won over during our recent stay at Aulani, the Disney luxury resort on the island of Oahu....

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Yellow Fever Vaccine Outage – Must Read if You’re Traveling to Africa or South America

The CDC recently announced that the yellow fever vaccine has been depleted. The YF-VAX vaccine is the only approved yellow fever vaccine in the United States. As of July 2017 the YF-VAX is gone and not expected to be back in stock until mid 2018. Read on to see how this affects you and what options you have. What is Yellow Fever? Yellow Fever is a viral disease that is transmitted via infected mosquitos. Primary carriers are the Aedes or Haemagogus mosquitoes. If you’re infected, the symptoms can be mild and include fever, chills, headache, backache, and muscle aches. However, in about...

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