Kelli McDaniel

Kelli McDaniel

Kelli McDaniel was born and raised in South Florida and has avidly traveled the areas’ three counties searching for family-friendly activities and destinations to share with others. Her goal is to make the lives of all moms – no matter how many kids they have, or their ages – that much easier by providing valuable tips and insight into the diverse attractions, ventures, and cuisine that encompass the South Florida lifestyle. Let her sunshine state experiences help you navigate the best beaches, the top local eateries, and the endless amount of fun things for the whole family to do in the area!

Preschool Preparation: What Moms Can Really Expect on the First Day

A new school year is starting across the country and moms with kids older than five usually know what to expect. However for moms with a kid starting preschool for the first time there is a lot of uncertainty – like will your child let go of your leg the first morning when you drop him or her off? While the answer is probably no, it helps to know what that first day will be like. And while leaving your children when they are screaming their head off seems extremely difficult, just remember they will be fine as soon as you’re out...

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29 of the Best Road Trip Songs to Blast in the Car

A lot of preparation goes into a road trip. You have to decide where you’re going to stay, where you’re going to stop, and – most importantly – what music you will be jamming out to! As we all know that can be serious business. To make your life a little easier – and so you can focus on inevitably forgetting something important and preparing for the pre-road trip chaos that is guaranteed to ensue – we have compiled the ultimate playlist with the best road trip songs to sing your heart out to along your adventure! 29. Journey...

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Our 7 Favorite Travel Horror Stories

When it comes to family vacations Murphee’s law always applies: there will be a poop-related incident. Oh, sorry, that’s my niece, “Murphee’s” law. I meant to say Murphy’s Law, which states: anything that can go wrong, WILL. Travel enough and you’ll encounter some hiccups – like leaving little Lucy’s favorite stuffed tiger at home, or realizing your husband’s passport is expired the day before an international flight, or forgetting to bring your sunscreen to a clothing-optional beach. Usually, it’s these kinds of mishaps that make for the best stories once you get home. They’re mostly harmless. Then again, some...

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What to Do on Earth Number 2 (aka Kepler-452b)

This week’s discovery of a larger, rockier cousin to our beloved Earth – known as Kepler-452b – naturally got all of us here at Traveling Mom a little excited! Much remains a mystery about this hot, new vacation destination (is it made of rock? Gassy balls? Tiny delicious marshmallows?); but any new place we can see, explore and take selfies at, is right up our alley. Rocket ships are being booked, space suits are being packed, and we are ready to see what the buzz is all about! Here are 7 reasons you should join us on the first...

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9 Reasons You’ll Hate Camping and Should Never Do It

Ugh, camping! Is there anything worse than packing only the “bear” essentials and venturing yonder into the great outdoors? Fresh air, wildlife, and damn-near free family fun sounds like a recipe for utter disaster. Having the freedom to plan your own itinerary (without a Groupon), immersing yourself in Mother Nature (#NoFilter), and sleeping under the stars is the exact opposite of what most of today’s hyper-connected families want. Although you probably don’t need another excuse to never go camping, here are nine: Camping Isn’t Glamorous You’ll be trading in crappy room service, loud neighbors, and those laughable 3-ounce shower...

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DIY for the Fourth of July

Whether you’re celebrating at home with your family or traveling to a massive family reunion at a lake cottage, celebrate the Fourth of July with some star-spangled decorations and accessories. These Fourth of July Do-It-Yourself projects are good for this holiday or year-round. Grab the red, white and blue paint, and round up the kids for these 15 fun DIY ideas. .Patriotic cupcakes: Though these patriotic cupcakes look complicated, they are actually easy and fun to make – and even more fun to eat! Click Here For Next Pin . Tie-dye shirts: Looking for a fun and easy way to deck...

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Paradise is Easily Found At Family-Friendly Peanut Island

Looking for a piece of paradise? There’s no need to leave the United States. Instead, just head to Peanut Island – an immaculately maintained county park located off South Florida’s east coast. It is the ideal location for boating, snorkeling and taking advantage of the area’s tropical weather. Well-known by locals and those who visit the area, it has become a family-fun, sun-drenched staple of the region. Overview of Peanut Island One of the best aspects of living in South Florida is not having to wait for the weather to change to enjoy our favorite outdoor activities and attractions....

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Discover One of the Best Family Beaches in Florida

John U. Lloyd Beach State Park is a hidden gem among the hustle and bustle of South Florida. Located in Hollywood, the state park features plenty of shaded parking, a gorgeous tree-lined wooden walkway, and one of the best beaches in Florida for toddlers and young children. Just walking up the wooden path to the soft sand of the beach can be its own adventure for active moms, dads, and most of all, children.   One of the best family beaches in Florida is located in Hollywood, nestled right between Miami and Fort Lauderdale. John U. Lloyd Beach State...

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