Kirsten Maxwell

Kirsten Maxwell

Kirsten lives in the Chicago area with her husband, three children, and their puppy, Ivy. When she is not writing about her family’s travels or chauffeuring her children all over town, she is a substitute teacher for the local school district. Kirsten loves to find teachable moments for every travel experience, because she believes travel is one of the best educations you can give a child.

5 Reasons Our Family Finally Decided to Buy Travel Insurance

Sometimes even the best laid travel plans can go awry. Baggage can be lost, injuries can happen, and trips can be cancelled. All of these things are out of our control, but what if there was a way to limit the inconvenience you would experience if any of these things happened? Wouldn’t that be worth it? Our family has traveled for fifteen years and visited close to twenty countries. We’ve had a few bumps and bruises along the way, but thankfully there was nothing major. Recently, however, I decided to take an international road trip with my boys alone....

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10 Reasons to Book an Adventures by Disney Costa Rica Tour

An Adventures by Disney luxury tour of Costa Rica takes this family from rain forests to volcanoes, beaches to hot springs, and many adventures in between. This is not your ordinary tour, just as Disney is not your ordinary company. Here is why an Adventures by Disney Costa Rica tour will blow your mind. 10 Reasons to Book an Adventures by Disney Costa Rica Tour From the beginning, it was obvious that our Adventures by Disney (ABD) tour of Costa Rica would not be your typical Disney experience. There is no Mickey Mouse hiding behind the bushes or character...

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7 Tips to Save Money on Your Next Family Vacation

Traveling as a family can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. There are many ways to make travel affordable, whether it involves traveling down the road or flying overseas. From smarter packing to a new money-saving app, there are plenty of ways to make family travel more affordable. Here are seven favorite money-saving travel tips, some you might have known and forgotten and others you never thought of before. We’ve been traveling the world as a family of five for ten years and it isn’t cheap! With three growing boys, it’s a constant balancing act of keeping...

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What Families Will Love About Martinhal Resorts in Portugal

Hotels and families come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Often it can be hard to find a property that is a perfect match. Thankfully, Martinhal Resorts in Portugal has discovered the formula for making families happy. Their properties feature a combination of family-tailored amenities, spacious accommodations, and friendly staff, ensuring visitors return time and time again. Martinhal Family Hotels and Resorts has four luxury properties in Portugal. Two, Sagres and Cascais, are located near the beach. Martinhal Chiado is in the Lisbon city center. And finally, the Martinhal property in Quinta is located on the golf courses of...

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Why Amusement Park Fans Won’t Want to Miss Holiday World in Indiana

Summer is the perfect time for a family visit to a theme park. Younger children might love the games and rides, while older children and adults might seek out the best roller coasters. Whatever the reason, families would be remiss to not include a visit to Holiday World in their summer travel plans. This themed amusement park located in Santa Claus, Indiana is different from many others. Here’s why amusement park fans won’t want to miss Holiday World in Indiana. Our family had the opportunity to visit Holiday World on a road trip from Chicago and we were surprised by...

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The Complete Guide to Drinking at Disney World

The average visitor heads to Walt Disney World with children in tow, ready for a day of fun in the sun, riding the roller coasters, and meeting Mickey Mouse. However, a day at the parks can be exhausting and adults might find themselves in need of refreshment. Water is the best way to stay hydrated in the Florida heat, but sometimes parents might want something extra in that afternoon drink. We’ve scoured the parks and found our favorite cocktails to create the complete guide to drinking at Disney World. Not all Walt Disney World parks are created equal when it comes...

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Villa Daubenton: Family Friendly Hotel in Paris

When visiting Paris, it can be difficult to find accommodations that are family friendly. Many hotel rooms are limited to two people per city regulations, so families often find themselves reserving multiple rooms or apartments. Villa Daubenton by HappyCulture offers families apartment living with the amenities of a hotel. Everyone can sleep under the same roof at Villa Daubenton, a family friendly hotel in Paris, France.  Villa Daubenton: Family Friendly Hotel in Paris We recently stayed at Villa Daubenton, part of the HappyCulture chain of properties in Paris, and were very pleased with our stay. The property is located...

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5 Helpful Ways to Save Money Souvenir Shopping at Disney World

Every family knows the Magic Kingdom is full of temptations, but not everyone knows how to save money souvenir shopping at Disney World. Kids and adults alike can easily be enticed by the copious amounts of souvenirs sold on every corner. Children have been known to plead relentlessly for parents to purchase every souvenir they see. How can families control souvenir spending when they visit the Disney Parks?   How to Save Money on Souvenirs at Walt Disney World Our family is always looking for a way to save money when we go on vacation, and a visit to Disney is...

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TMOM Picks: Best Museums in the World for Families

Taking children to a museum isn’t as easy as it sounds. Some museums are too boring, some are too big, some are just right. How do you know which is right for your family? Many factors play into the decision, but a big part has to do with hands-on activities. After asking our Traveling Mom community, we’ve come up with this list of the Best Museums in the World for Families.   Best Museums in the World for Families As Teaching Traveling Mom, I am a firm believer of exposing children to as many museums as possible. Even if...

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15 Awesome Kids Movies to Take on a Road Trip

When heading out for a long road trip, it’s essential to have a plan for spending a lot of time together. Maybe you’re heading out to visit the relatives or driving to a wonderful vacation destination. If you’re traveling with kids, it’s important to have some movies on hand to get you through the ride. Here are some awesome kids movies to take on a road trip. We guarantee the time will fly by!   15 Awesome Kids Movies to Take on a Road Trip We have spent hours on the road, driving from Chicago to New York and back...

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