Karyn Locke, Road Trip TravelingMom

Karyn Locke, Road Trip TravelingMom

Karyn Locke is a travel writer and blogger from small town Ohio who was bitten by the travel bug at an early age compliments her military brat background. Happy to call the tri-state area her home, she adores traveling to large cities, as well as small town U.S.A., and everywhere in between. She loves the fact that her family digs road tripping just as much as she does and they plan to conquer America one city at a time. Karyn writes her own lifestyle & travel blog and may be found at Sand and Snow...and everywhere in between! , or on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, & Google+ as Karyn Locke.

Great Gift Ideas for the Disney-Loving Adult

When it comes to shopping the adults in your family for the holidays, are all-things Disney at the top of their short lists? Is Disney a way of life for them? We’ve got you covered! From cute to creative, here are great gift ideas for the Disney-loving adult in your life. I have to admit, I’m totally guilty of over-shopping when I visit Walt Disney World. In fact, I probably drive home with way more gifts and Disney items than I thought I would. Truthfully, I’m okay with that. But there are only so many Disney potholders and towels...

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13 Must Visit Places on the New York Path Through History Trail

When it comes to American history, are your kids doing the happy dance, or is it just “meh”? And if it’s the latter, how do you get your kids to fall in love with American history? Our recent trip on the New York Path Through History Trail only reaffirmed how much fun history can be, especially when you know where to go. Here are 13 must-visit stops on the Trail to let your kids learn while they’re having fun. Truth? I live close to New York State but had only been to a couple of cities. A state road...

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Family Travel on a Budget: Five Must-Follow Tips

Planning a trip with your family but need to keep your expenses down? If you’re like many of us, you want the best possible vacation with the least amount of cost. But start adding in flights, dining, and lodging, and you may be staring at your budget and shaking your head. Happily, there are ways to keep your costs down. Here’s how family travel on a budget doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg: five must-do, affordable tips. Be Flexible Consider a Condo Look for Flights Early Hunt Down Freebies Check for Group Rates As a gal...

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The 12 Best Walt Disney World Parades and Shows

Planning a visit to Walt Disney World just to check out its attractions? You’ll be missing out. Sure, the thrill rides, as well as those classic WDW ones (think it’s a small world), are definitely not to be missed, but have you considered the parades and shows in all four theme parks and scheduled them into your plans? Here are the 12 best Walt Disney World parades and shows on our short list- and you should put them on yours as well! We love Walt Disney World, that’s a given. When we’re not visiting the parks we’re thinking about and...

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Disneybounding 101: How to Disneybound in 6 Easy Steps

Do you want to channel your favorite character on your next visit to a Disney theme park? Then, Disneybounding is the way to go! Not only is it a fun way to dress up when you’re in the parks, it’s easy to make it fun and affordable. Here are the most important things to know about Disneybounding. When my family and I visit a Disney theme park, we make it a good excuse to dress up. Personally, I like the idea of feeling like a Disney Princess without looking like I just came out of a Halloween costume store....

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What’s a Digital Detox Package? Seven Steps to a Tech-Free Stay

Are you and your family in dire need of a digital detox package? Maybe the better question is, could you survive a digital detox? If given the opportunity to have all tech taken away to spend quality time together, how do you think you’d fare? Here’s the scoop on what you can expect from a digital detox  – and how this TravelingMom was surprised by the outcome. At this point in my life, my cell phone is pretty much attached to my hand at all times. Look, it’s something I’m not exactly proud of, but spending a lot of...

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12 Fun Things to Do in Cleveland with Kids

If you’ve been to Cleveland, Ohio, you know there’s far more to the city than just its ability to rock. Ok, yes, it definitely does rock, but what else is there to do in Cleveland besides checking out its music scene? It turns out there’s plenty. From free museum admission to moseying around a historic market, here are 12 fun things to do in Cleveland with kids. Living 90 minutes away from Cleveland, Ohio, makes me a lucky lady. It’s super easy to pack the family in the car and road trip north a few times a year. And...

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The REAL Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood – 4 Fun Places to Visit in Pittsburgh

With the announcement of Tom Hanks playing the lead role in a Fred Rogers’ biopic, “You Are My Friend,” grown-ups that grew up watching the PBS show are in heaven. But, did you know that Mr. Rogers was from Pittsburgh and is a hometown hero? From where to find show artifacts to how to meet his sidekick, Mr. McFeely, here’s an insider’s guide on the fun places to visit in Pittsburgh for Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. The REAL Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood – 4 Fun Places to Visit in Pittsburgh True story: Mr. Fred Rogers was my hero growing up. I...

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How to Score Free Stuff at Disney World to Save Money!

How can you save a bundle on your next Disney vacation? By knowing how to get free stuff at Disney World! For example, you could buy the Memory Maker Photo Package. Or you can take home the same great shots taken by the same great professional photographers for free. That’s just a couple of the absolutely free things you can do or get at WDW- keep reading for more. Water and Ice Club Cool Coca-Cola Samples Fastpass+ Selections Transportation and Collector’s Cards Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Game Duffy the Bear Cutout Medical Supplies Autographs Professional Photos Celebration Buttons and Stickers...

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Traveling Overseas? Don’t Make a $15,000 Mistake

Thinking about a medical emergency while traveling with your family is probably one of the last things you want to think about. But sadly, they do happen more frequently than we’d like to admit. To ease the financial (and mental) burden for overseas travel, MedEvac Plans have come to the proverbial rescue. Think you don’t need a MedEvac Plan? Here’s four reasons you may want to consider purchasing one of these affordable plans–especially because one medical evacuation transport can cost $15,000. Or more. Avoid Costly Emergencies with MedEvac Insurance When my daughter was two years old, we began taking...

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