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Poconos Packed with Family Fun

The mall is not the only place for indoor winter fun.  Go west to PA’s Pocono Mountains for one of the country’s biggest indoor waterparks, located inside the newly built Great Wolf Lodge in Scotrun.  Or shred, ski or tube at Big Boulder Park. Here you’ll find 91,000 square feet of pure entertainment, including a mega water park, arcade, spa and fitness room. Though the crowds can get pretty thick, the 11 waterslides, six pools and treehouse water fort are well worth it. One disclaimer: If you’re squeamish about germs and frantic parents, this may not be the place...

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Flatter Yourself

What’s not to love about What Not to Wear? If you’re like me, it’s a Friday night addiction (that is, when my husband doesn’t have me gallivanting about town – ha!). My favorite thing about the show – much more than the dreadfully boring closet thrashing sessions and Clinton and Stacy’s over-the-top insults – is the spot-on advice for each woman’s body type that they sprinkle throughout the show. I can’t get enough of these.  I can apply these fashion tips for travel, casual and evening wear. That’s why I love the following tips that I scooped up from...

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Mohonk Mountain MUST List

The MUST LIST for Mohonk Mountain, New Paltz, NY When visiting, YOU MUST: Stay:  Mohonk Mountain HouseSee:  Mohonk’s historic 19th-century castle (New York)Do:  Outdoor sports like pavilion ice skating and snowshoeingEat:  Dip cookies and fruit into the chocolate fountainBuy:  Spa treatmentSkip:  Formal dining room   Infant Amenities:  Call hotel for detailsKid Amenities:  Kids’ activity club every morning and afternoonTeen Amenities:  Outdoor sports, teen roomParent Amenities:  State-of-the-art spaRestaurant 1:  Buffet dining hallRestaurant 2:  Formal dining hallRestaurant 3:Fun Factor:  4Kid’s Rating Overall (1-5 stars, 5 = best):  4Parent’s Rating Overall: ...

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Teens Lounge at Mohonk Mountain

Even though you’ll most certainly be charmed by the history of Mohonk Mountain, there’s plenty going on for 21st-century teens, like miles of cross-country skiing and snowshoeing trails, an outdoor ice skating pavilion and an indoor pool with an underwater sound system. This rugged, woodsy resort perched on a cliff overlooking a mountaintop lake in New York’s Hudson Valley is actually a Victorian-era castle that hoity-toity city dwellers used to visit – via horse and carriage – way back in the late 1800s.   The resort’s family vibe, with its daily activities, family events and grand surroundings—it’s like something...

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VT is For Tweens & Teens

Where’s the best skiing east of Colorado? Vermont, natch! With a multitude of mountain peaks that reach over 2,000 feet into the sky, there are all kinds of adventures to be had in Vermont. There’s a new buzz developing about something called Ski Vermont Nordic Quest . This is basically a ski-lover’s answer to scavenger hunts, where you strap on a pair of cross-country skis then follow poem-like clues to find your way to a hidden treasure. It’s a huge craze among older kids and it’s the kind of thing that they’ll love to do with you (as opposed...

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Winter – Just for Teens & Tweens

Family vacations with tweens and teens can be a challenge for traveling moms. But winter sizzles for tweens and teens at these spectacular Northeast hot spots – all within driving distance of New York City, Philladelphia, Boston or Albany, N.Y.  Check out the Teen Lounge, Teen Texas Hold ‘Em, Nordic Quest and more…. Wishing your tween or teen had something more to do in the winter than text her pals or bury himself in his Sony Wii? If you live in the Northeast (or anywhere else, for that matter), you’re in luck! Bring your older brood to any of...

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Dabble Some More…

Did you take the advice of Mary Moslander and the team of fitness experts at Livehealthier.com and Hit the Wall or Cook Up those Calves?  It worked so well for us we went back for more travel fitness tips.Shop and drop. Pair the task of unpacking with sets of squats. Place your suitcase on the floor. Put one item away at a time, bending into a squat position to pick each item up and then standing tall to place it in the closet or dresser. Practice good form by pressing your hips back as if you’re sitting in a chair. “Keep your chest raised and your knees behind your toes as you lower your body,” Moslander advises. “Then push through both heels to stand up.” Sleeping and crunching. Instead of using the time when everyone’s still asleep to catch up on your reading, squeeze an ab workout into the early morning or late night hours. “Grab a towel and place it on the ground and lie down on your back,” says Moslander. Crunch until your shoulders are off the ground, hold for three seconds and inhale as you release, then return to starting...

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All-weather Workouts

Add walking poles to your next workout and burn 25% more calories.  Featured in Oprah’s O! magazine.  Hike for healthYou know by now that walking is one of the best, easiest ways to fit exercise into your vacation. But let’s be honest: Window-shopping down the Champs Elysées is not going to melt away the calories that you soak up at the neighborhood patisserie! Turn an ordinary walk into a high-octane hike with these pointers. Take a strollerWho cares if your son’s pushing the big “8”? Plunk him down in a stroller and push him – fast. This way, instead...

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Dr. Erin Welch promises “radiant and blemish-free” skin “no matter where our journeys take us.” If you’re like me, simply boarding a plane sets off a sequence of skin-busting events that turns my “on vacation and stress-free” look into one of “harried and hapless traveler.” Whether it’s from the stagnant airplane air, the stress of packing for four, or that nasty, perfume-laden hotel soap, I’m never sure. Finally tired of pimples following me through my getaway, I sought advice from a pro. Will the following tips from board-certified dermatologist Dr. Erin Welch – who promises “radiant and blemish-free” skin...

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Always pack your favorite pair. Sometimes I consider skipping jeans when I pack because they’re just so darn heavy. But unless I’m off to the Caribbean, Hawaii or Florida, I usually like to have a pair on hand when I’m on the road.    I asked Jason Trotzuk, founder and designer of Fidelity Denim (www.fidelitydenim.com), for some tips on how to get more style bang for your traveling buck Confidence is key. “Always bring your favorite pair,” Trotzuk suggests, noting that jeans equals confidence. I agree. There’s nothing wrong with a shot of self-esteem when you’re, say, meeting up...

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