Julie Thompson-Adolf, Garden Geek TravelingMom

Julie Thompson-Adolf, Garden Geek TravelingMom

Julie Thompson-Adolf is a garden and travel writer, organic grower, nature lover, Master Gardener, ecoadventurer, and local foodie...who still has to convince the kids to eat their veggies. She is the author of the blog Garden Delights, where she shares her love of all things green and helps readers learn to grow their own organic gardens. A former PR executive, Julie travels throughout the world with her Swiss husband and dual-citizen children, visiting European family or searching for botanical treasures. Follow along as she experiences beautiful gardens, ecoadventures with kids, and fabulous local food.

Fabulous Fall Fun: 9 Apple Picking Tips (and a Recipe) to Create Delicious Family Memories.

Hayrides, football games, pumpkin patches, and corn mazes…fall traditions create fun family memories. A favorite autumn adventure—apple picking—sometimes perplexes parents, though. How can I tell if the apple is ripe? What varieties are good for pie? Do I really need to stand in line for 1-1/2 hours for apple cider doughnuts—are they THAT good? Don’t worry—we have apple picking tips for you. (Plus a recipe for delicious doughnuts so you can avoid the lines!) Like most families, one of our autumn traditions includes a visit to a nearby apple orchard. It’s a beautiful orchard in the North Carolina mountains,...

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Living Souvenirs: How to Grow 6 Stunning Hawaiian Flowers at Home.

Have you ever returned home from a vacation and wished you could re-create the beautiful setting, lush landscapes, and relaxed vibe of your tropical retreat? Why leave vacation bliss behind? With a few tips and tricks, you can grow a beautiful garden filled with tropical plants – an oasis in your own backyard, where you can enjoy a mai tai while slowly transitioning back to reality. Here’s how to grow Hawaiian flowers at home. There’s a reason I’m known as the Garden Geek TravelingMom. While my friends busily soaked up the sun or tried their talents at parasailing during...

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7 Great Things to Do in Lake Charles, Louisiana

Need an escape from the never-ending news cycle? Wish your kids made eye-contact with you instead of their phones? Desire a few days to de-stress from the frantic pace of work/school/carpool/adulting and reconnect with your family? It’s time to head to the land of southern hospitality and serenity and enjoy fabulous things to do in Lake Charles, Louisiana. 7 Great Things to Do in Lake Charles, Louisiana I’ll admit—I’m a stressed-out, anxiety-ridden mess. There. I said it. It’s not that anything bad happened. In fact, there’s so much good in my life right now—a book contract, an upcoming press...

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The Best Bahamas Beaches: 6 Secluded Spots for Snorkeling Adventures

Looking for the perfect place to unwind and relax when visiting the Bahamas? Want space to spread your beach towel, instead of bumping elbows with tourists at the big resorts? Craving crystal clear waters to explore ocean wildlife? If so, you’ll want to add these six fabulous, nearly deserted Bahamas beaches to your vacation plans. Finding Your Best Bahamas Beach: Follow the Locals. My family loves privacy. We’re not rock-star famous, and we don’t need to protect our identities. Still, our family prefers quiet, out-of-the-main-hub destinations, where we’re not subjected to someone’s blaring country music or second-hand smoke. We...

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8 Fabulous Things to Do in Gozo.

If you’ve found your way to the lovely island of Malta, don’t stop there! Hop on a ferry for a quick ride to explore the lovely sister island of Gozo. From touring historical sites to basking on beautiful beaches, you’ll find fabulous things to do in Gozo. When I first visited Malta more than 18 years ago, my greatest regret was not exploring Gozo, the smaller sister island only a short ferry ride away. I knew on our most recent Malta visit, exploring things to do in Gozo ranked high on my priority list. While we spent most of...

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21 Fabulous Things to Do in Malta.

  Where can you find the perfect balance of historic sites and blissful beaches? The tiny island of Malta, with its Knights and prehistoric sites, offers amazing historical treasures. And the gorgeous beaches along the Mediterranean will soothe your soul. With a sister-in-law that lives in a house dating from the 17th century, I knew we were in for an amazing historical journey through the small island country of Malta. Lucky for us, our kids also love history. Especially lucky for us, our Maltese family proved to be perfect tour guides, showing us both the famous historical sites and...

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7 Fabulous Must-See Malta Beaches

Malta’s rich history, beautiful architecture, and prehistoric sites entice visitors, but after hours of touring, there’s nothing more relaxing than a dip in the Mediterranean Sea. While many popular beaches sit among a throng of 5-star hotels, we prefer the less crowded, locally recommended “secret” beaches and bays for snorkeling and sunbathing. In fact, you might find yourself alone at some of our favorite Malta beaches! 7 Fabulous Must-See Malta Beaches: Privacy While You Unwind One of the best things about being married to my husband—besides that he’s kind, brilliant, a great father, and puts up with all of...

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7 Things to Do in Charleston, SC

When hectic school days and heavy work schedules leave your family feeling frazzled, there’s nothing like an escape to Charleston, South Carolina. With its beautiful beaches, family friendly attractions, and rich history, you’ll soon find yourself sipping sweet tea on a porch swing, breathing in the salt air, while the weight of the world slips away. There’s something rejuvenating about Charleston. Things to Do in Charleston, SC: Escape for a Week or a Weekend Our family loves Charleston, SC. While we live three hours northwest of the city, we feel a special connection to the area. My husband and...

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16 Things to Pack for a Protest

When the world is topsy turvy, causing you sleepless nights and many angst filled days, it seems easiest to wallow in chocolate and hide under the covers. While chocolate and chick-flicks might make you feel better for a bit, they can’t fix big problems. Instead, sometimes you need to raise your voice–loudly. No matter your cause–whether it’s a Women’s March or Pro-Life rally–the First Amendment protects our rights to peacefully protest. Stand up and be heard—but be safe. Here’s a list of must-have items to pack for a protest. I’m not a rabble rouser. Crowds make me crazy, and...

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14 Great Things to Do in Seattle, Washington with Kids

From whale watching to dodging flying fish to trolling for, well, trolls, you’ll find a wide variety of great things to do in Seattle, Washington for the entire family. (Just be sure to pack your raincoat.) Things to Do in Seattle with Kids Spring break travel typically skips our family. When I grew heirloom plants to sell at our local farmers’ market, I couldn’t abandon the greenhouse in April, when temperatures in South Carolina often soar to scorching in a heartbeat. Then, when our daughter decided to attended high school at a local university, her spring break arrived a...

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