Jenny Lin

Jenny Lin

Jenny Lin is a writer and editor currently based in Columbus, Ohio, where she is adding a master's degree in public health to the one she already has in journalism. She is married to a Chinaman and spent the last three years immersing her three children in local life in Beijing. She has worked for a wide variety of media, from state TV to wire news to magazine.

Some National Parks and Landmarks Reopen with State Funding

UPDATE: The shutdown is over and all federal parks have resumed business as normal. Good news, travelers – you can now visit the Grand Canyon or stay at Wawona Hotel in Yosemite, despite the ongoing federal government shutdown. The shutdown has brought major losses to the travel industry and frustrations to travelers, primarily through the closure of national parks and other sites. But now the Department of Interior is allowing states to reopen them if they foot the bill themselves. Various media are reporting that five states so far – Utah, Colorado, South Dakota, Arizona and New York –...

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November Travel News Summary: New Flight Routes and More

The big travel news in November of course is Thanksgiving. This year, the AAA forecast a slight decrease of some 43 million people would travel. Now that it’s over, be sure to keep an eye on Cyber Monday – and beyond – travel deals. And here are a few other travel-related news items of interest from the past month: New Direct Aeromexico Route from New York to Los Cabos Los Cabos in Mexico will be the destination of a new direct route from New York serviced by Aeromexico. The route opens on January 18, 2014. The flight will travel...

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FAA Gives Green Light to Airlines to Expand Use of Electronic Devices

Most air travelers are familiar with the instruction to turn off electronic devices during take-off and landing. But that soon may be a thing of the past. The Federal Aviation Administration has authorized airlines to expand use of Portable Electronic Devices.   When implemented, this means that you may continue reading your e-book or playing games or watching videos on your device without interruption. You may also use short-range Bluetooth accessories. However there are some important things to note:  The device must be held or safely stowed. Cellular devices must be in Airplane Mode throughout the flight. Voice communications...

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New Rest Rules and Maglev Train Proposal: The Week in Travel News

The biggest travel news of January so far is the weather (of course). No form of transportation was safe from the polar vortex – car, plane or train. And stranded passengers weren’t helped by well-intended new regulations from the FAA. New Rest Rules for Pilots New regulations on rest times for pilots are good for safety, but could spell trouble for regional airlines and passengers. The new Federal Aviation Authority regulations that just went into effect include requiring 10 additional hours of rest for pilots before returning to work. This is leading to reported fears that flights will have...

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6 Favorite Summer Vacations

Summer vacation. The words carry both fear and excitement. Fear by parents of how they are going to entertain the kids or plan some family fun. Excitement by all over the time to play and travel. Living in China for the past few years, we spent most summers visiting the grandparents and have some great memories. We have great memories too of other summer vacations and short getaways. Lake Erie Shores and Islands Lake Erie was a kid-free anniversary trip but I plan to return with them. Cedar Point will be on the list. We may even consider camping....

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December Travel News Summary: REAL ID and Exit Portals

January 2014 starts with an important milestone in travel – the centennial of the first commercial air flight. Sure it only had one passenger and traveled 18 miles from St. Petersburg to Tampa, but eventually 1,200 people flew the route and travel has never been the same. Here’s some more travel news that may affect you: REAL ID begins Many travelers may be unaware of a big change that will affect them starting this year. The Department of Homeland Security said it is rolling out the start of the REAL ID act of 2005. All drivers and airplane travelers...

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Delta Says “No” to In-Flight Cell Phone Use

Delta Airlines has announced that it will not allow in-flight cell phone use or internet-based voice communications on Delta and Delta Connection flights. This follows our report last month that Federal Communications Commission (FCC) was considering a proposal on expanding use of mobile wireless devices to allow cellular communications above 10,000 feet. Since then, the FCC has approved its initial proposal and published the details on its web site. Even if the FCC adopts the proposal to expand inflight mobile services, it is up to individual airlines to decide whether to implement it – much like in the case...

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9 Surprising Things About Eating in China

Dogs, scorpions and eels – these are foods you can find in China but probably won’t. When you imagine taking a family trip to China, you may think of weird, exotic food and wonder if there will be anything to eat. The short answer is – whatever your tastes, there is plenty. Here are some things you may not know about eating in China.             Western fast food is everywhere in China’s cities. That’s no exaggeration. When we lived in China, our Beijing neighborhood had a Dairy Queen, Haagen Dazs, Subway, Pizza Hut and...

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10 Things an American Family Missed While Living in China

Living in China with small children isn’t the same today as it used to be. It’s much easier these days to have all the creature comforts of home. And thanks to online shopping sites like and upscale supermarkets in easy reach of most neighborhoods, almost anything can be had for a price. But there are still things the children and I missed while in China — from food to facilities. Coffee and coffee cream (and coffee makers) – available but sparsely and expensive. Macaroni and cheese. Real cheese. Microwave popcorn — available but expensive. And often in strange...

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JetBlue Announces Pooling of Frequent Flier Miles

The American skies just got a lot friendlier thanks to JetBlue, which has just become the first US-based airline to allow families to pool award miles through its TrueBlue program. Most travelers know that feeling of frustration from being just a few miles short of award travel. Well, with pooling, there is no more saving up for months or years to earn yourself a ticket when your family members have miles to share. Here’s how it works in short: Any TrueBlue member can start a pool and be the Head of Household. Two adults and up to 5 children...

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