Hannah Rinaldi, Fabulously Frugal TravelingMom

Hannah Rinaldi, Fabulously Frugal TravelingMom

Hannah Rinaldi is a fabulously frugal traveler who loves to experience the finer things in life on a shoestring budget. She lives in Naples, FL with her husband and two young sons. Originally from Alabama, she has a great appreciation for Southern cities with great cuisine such as New Orleans, Charleston, and Savannah. She's always looking to take advantage of, as well as share, the best travel deals to make the most out of fine living on a shoestring budget. You can follow all of her adventures in frugal living at Eat, Drink, and Save Money.

SeaWorld Tips: Best Hotels Near SeaWorld Orlando

Looking for hotels near SeaWorld Orlando? You’ve come to the right place! Don’t depend on hotel booking sites for the best hotel accommodations near SeaWorld. Many of those sites utilize paid advertising by hotels. Let the TravelingMom writers guide you instead. After all, we’ve been there! During a recent trip to Orlando, I was searching for hotel rooms near SeaWorld and was so overwhelmed by all the hotel booking sites. While I’m always open to searching for cheap hotel rooms, I was more interested in finding out what hotels near SeaWorld would comfortably accommodate my large family. After searching...

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8 of the Best Florida Beaches for Families | TravelingMom

Florida has 663 miles of beaches. With so much beach to choose from, how do you find the best Florida beaches for families?  Ask a TravelingMom, that’s how! The Fabulously Frugal TravelingMom has lived in Florida for over ten years and has been traveling to the state her entire life. Check out the 8 beaches that top her list for the best beaches in Florida for families. As Floridians, my family and I genuinely enjoy the beach. Even though we live a few miles away from one beach, we still love exploring the other beaches of Florida. I have...

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If Your Child’s Scared of Magic Kingdom Rides

  Theme park rides aren’t for everyone, especially big thrill rides. But what are you supposed to do when your child’s scared of Magic Kingdom rides? How do you entertain kids that won’t even go on the Flight of Peter Pan? The Fabulously Frugal Traveling Mom has been there, multiple times, with her kids who refuse to ride most of the Magic Kingdom rides. Check out all the tips she has for exploring the most magical place on earth when your kids refuse to ride the rides. The first time my son refused to go on any Magic Kingdom...

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Kid Friendly Rainy Day Activities in Orlando

Imagine this: you’re all set to explore Orlando with the best insider tips. You have your theme park passes and your waterpark tickets, and are prepared to explore all that sunny Orlando has to offer. Then it rains. What are you to do? Brave the parks in the rain? Stay in the hotel all day? Don’t let the rain get you down! Check out these kid friendly rainy day activities in Orlando that the Fabulously Frugal Traveling Mom absolutely loves. In fact, she likes them so much that she even frequents them on sunny days, overly hot days, and...

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Tips for Sticking to Baby’s Sleep Schedule and Daily Routine on Vacation

Vacations are usually a time to let loose and escape from the everyday routine. While this may work for parents and some kids, it doesn’t work for everyone, especially little ones. Should you stick to a baby sleep schedule and other daily routines on vacation? Yes. And these tips will help you do just that. Before having kids I had no idea about the importance of a routine, especially the importance of maintaining a baby’s sleep schedule. Even as a teacher who preached the importance of a routine in the classroom, I didn’t understand how important it was keep...

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What You Need to Know about Jedi Training at Hollywood Studios

Have you ever wondered how to become a Jedi? It’s easier than you might think! If you have a Star Wars lover in the family between the ages of 4 and 12, then you’ve got to check out Jedi Training at Hollywood Studios. The popular event in Disney World fills up fast each day. To make sure you get the most out of it, you should follow these tips from the Fabulously Frugal Traveling Mom on everything you need to know about Jedi Training at Hollywood Studios. Everything You Need to Know about Jedi Training in Disney World Jedi...

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How to Travel with a Baby on Spring Break

We all know spring break is a great time to travel as a family, but what about with a baby? Have you been wondering how to make travel with a baby as easy as possible this spring break? The Fabulously Frugal TravelingMom, a mom of 3, has some tips for how to travel with a baby on spring break that will ease a lot of your stress. Tips for Traveling with Baby on Spring Break Traveling with a baby is actually way easier than it sounds. Don’t let a new baby keep you from enjoying spring break!  As crazy...

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Rainy Day Activities in Panama City Beach

Do you know what to do when it rains on your beach vacation? This Traveling Mom has lots of tips for rainy day activities in Panama City Beach, FL.  When it comes to travel planning, one of the most difficult things to decide is what to do when it rains on your beach vacation. Check out the Fabulously Frugal Traveling Mom’s favorite rainy day activities in Panama City Beach. Panama City Beach, Fl is a fun place to visit, even with the rain. It’s an affordable family friendly destination that makes it just as easy to find entertainment off...

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How to Pack Snacks when Traveling with a Toddler

The only thing worse than being hangry while traveling is traveling with a hangry toddler! In order to avoid the inevitable hangry toddler meltdown, follow these tips from a mom of three on how to pack snacks when traveling with a toddler. It’s important to pack the right kind of snacks in the right containers to make your next vacation with a toddler much easier. When you have young kids, the days of laid back travel are behind you. Traveling with kids, especially toddlers, requires a good amount of planning and organization. That’s why I always make sure to...

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10 Tips for Flying During the Third Trimester

Need to fly during your third trimester? You may be surprised to find out that flying during the third trimester isn’t all that difficult to arrange. All airlines allow you to fly in your third trimester, and the American College of Obstetrics says it’s fine up to 36 weeks. Still, it can be hard on your body. Check out these tips from a Traveling Mom of 3 who flew throughout all trimesters of her pregnancy. I flew more times while pregnant with baby number three than I did during the five years between getting married and having kids. I...

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