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Marina Kuperman Villatoro is CEO of, a travel resource site to inspire families to travel with kids of all ages. She's been an expat 10+ years in Central America raising 2 boys in a multicultural, trilingual household. We travel all over the world. Needless to say, it’s never boring! So find out where you can eat, stay and play with your kids all around the world.

Smuggler’s Notch Resort, Vermont – Review Part 1

My family and I decided to visit Smuggler’s Notch Resort in Vermont once more. But this time we did it during the winter months. I thought that spending three nights in it would be enough but I was wrong. It offers too many fun activities. Just exploring the area that surrounded our condo took one full day.   Smuggler’s Notch Resort, Vermont There is a phenomenon that I’ve noticed among kids (and some adults). They YEARN for snow. It took me a while to realize that, because I grew up in snow. For me it’s not a novelty. But...

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Pet Friendly Cabin Rentals in Vermont

My family and I have a policy of not repeating destinations, but Vermont managed to make us change our minds. We decided to return once more for a winter vacation at Pet Friendly Cabin Rentals. It ended up being an amazing experience at a small farm near the largest resorts of the area. But the best part was that the place is pet friendly. So my puppy was able to come along. Pet Friendly Cabin Rentals in Vermont Before I start narrating my experience I want you to close your eyes and start imagining what your perfect winter wonderland...

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Rescuing Baby Sea Turtles in Guatemala

Guatemala is known for many things, but rescuing baby sea turtles hasn’t been one of them. Still, the Pacific Coast of this small central American country is the nesting site for three species of endangered sea turtles. Join Gringa TravleingMom Marina Villatoro, an expat living in Guatemala, and her boys to learn about the sea turtles of Guatemala and the efforts by many organizations to save these endangered gems. Rescuing Baby Sea Turtles in Guatemala Guatemala doesn’t have a large sea turtle population, but the country is making a large effort to protect those that are here. One of these attempts...

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Beach Rental in Guatemala – Casas Pelicanos Monterrico, Review

My family and I love the beach but when we are not traveling we don’t go much. Guatemala’s beaches aren’t the best when traveling with kids. They are more of a party place. However, we found a beach rental that offers all I could ever wish from one. We had one of the best weekends at a beach that we have had in a long time. My family and I love beaches and when we are not traveling, we like to still visit the ones in Guatemala. However, they are not well developed with touristic infrastructure and are mainly used...

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Where to Eat in Charlotte, NC

My brother got married recently in Charlotte, North Carolina. This was the perfect excuse for me to explore the city. During that time I went to a couple of restaurants that were recommended to me and had a great time at both. I would highly recommend them. Read on to find out why! I recently visited Charlotte in North Carolina with my sons and husband for my brother’s wedding. My WHOLE family got to the city to celebrate my brother’s big day – his wedding. A huge, momentous occasion. Bu I decided that I would take this opportunity to...

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Discovery Place in Charlotte, North Carolina – Review

One of the best options for my family when we visit a new city is a stop at local kid’s museums. These keep my sons entertained, allowing the boysto learn more about the destination and other useful scientific facts. This time we visited Discovery Place in Charlotte, North Carolina. We all had a lot of fun. Discovery Place in Charlotte, North Carolina If you travel with kids, I don’t have to tell you that you have a limited amount of time to explore any new location. A good place to start is a visit to local kid’s museum, science...

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South Carolina Hilton Garden Inn – Review

Each year when my family takes a trip to visit my parents in the U.S., my husband and I take a couple of days to go on a romantic getaway. This year we visited Charleston in South Carolina and stayed in a hotel on the outside of the city. The Hilton Garden Inn, Mount Pleasant has a convenient location that we enjoyed. I’m glad that we didn’t pick a hotel in central Charleston. My husband and I have developed a tradition. Whenever we visit my parents in the U.S.  we leave the kids with them for a couple of...

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Charleston SC Walking Tours – Review

Whenever I go on a family trip to a new city, I like to go on a tour of the city to learn more about it and find other cool things to do. However, because my sons are quite young, they get bored and tired fast, so the walking tours are out of the question. I took the chance to go on one during a recent getaway with my husband to Charleston. It ended up being a great activity where we got to learn a lot and notice things that we normally don’t with our sons. Whenever my family...

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Inn on the Beach, St. Petersburg – Review

I wanted to visit St. Petersburg, Florida for a long time, mainly because of the Salvador Dali Museum there. However, when I got to St. Petersburg Fl,  I was pleasantly surprised to see that the beaches were also amazing, some of the best I have seen so far. Also amazing? The view from our hotel. The small Inn on the Beach truly made the difference in this short romantic getaway (in a good way!). My family and I have the tradition of visiting my parents each year for the holidays. They live in Palm Beach. We usually take four weeks or so to...

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Universal Studios, Florida – Review

My youngest son is finally five years old and old enough to enjoy big boy rides. This means that the time to visit Universal Studios finally arrived for my family. I booked three full days to be able to fully explore the parks and enjoy everything they has to offer. We all had a great time! Even someone like me who doesn’t like rides will have a blast. I love visiting amusement and theme parks, but I absolutely detest going on the rides. For me, all of the excitement comes from seeing my kids and husband having fun. I...

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