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Marina Kuperman Villatoro is CEO of, a travel resource site to inspire families to travel with kids of all ages. She's been an expat 10+ years in Central America raising 2 boys in a multicultural, trilingual household. We travel all over the world. Needless to say, it’s never boring! So find out where you can eat, stay and play with your kids all around the world.

5 Best Places for Mountain Biking in Guatemala with Kids

Adventure travel is on the rise among nature lovers, especially in Central America, and with such an adventurous family, our Gringa Traveling Mom is in the know about this newest trend. Read on as she shares all of the information she has about mountain niking in Guatemala. Find information about the best nature parks to visit, companies to take a MTB tour with and shops to rent bikes from around Antigua Guatemala. Having an adventurous family and living in a country filled with possibilities for outdoor activities is the perfect combination. This means that we can all enjoy going...

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6 Tips for Getting Ready for Your First Volcano Hike with Kids

Hiking along a national park without many slopes is extremely different than going on a hike where at least half of the hike will be going up. That’s why, while planning a volcano hike for your family, you should be more careful with preparations than usual, even if it is a relatively short volcano with the reputation of being an easy one. Living in Guatemala,  I get to see volcanoes everywhere. No matter where you go, chances are, you will have at least one near you. In fact, there are 37 official volcano summits in the country. Three of them...

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Hydration Packs for Family Adventure Getaways

Adventurous traveling families need a lot of equipment to keep safe and comfortable. For outdoorsy types, one essential piece of equipment is a good hydraton pack. But there are so many out there meant to fit different body types and needs. So how do you find the right one for you? Hydration Packs for Family Adventure Getaways Having adventurous and competitive sons and husband has turned my life into an interesting journey. It’s also one that involves a lot of buying equipment and following my family to one race after the other almost every weekend. This lifestyle has allowed...

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Family Trip to the Spy Museum in Washington DC

When asked to name a way to spend a fun day, most kids don’t say, “Visiting a museum.” But a visit to the Spy Museum in Washington DC can quickly change their mind. Read about the fascinating exhibits – and the fun – you can find at the Spy Museum! Family Trip to the Spy Museum in Washington DC Did you know there was a Spy Museum in DC?  I discovered it while researching fun things to do in Washington DC with kids, and it really impressed me. This was definitely a place that my sons would enjoy during...

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Most Family-Friendly Water Bottles for Travel

Traveling as a family is the best adventure you could ever dream of, but it also means that you have to be prepared with all sorts of gear. That includes water bottles for travel. This article is a review of four of the most family-friendly water bottles one TravelingMom has owned and would recommend to anyone. If you have read my articles before, you know that my family and I have spent more than ten years traveling, mostly in Central America, Europe and the US. Our favorite things to do are going on outdoor adventures and doing lots of...

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A Romantic Getaway at Innisbrook Golf Resort in Tampa

Making a tradition of going on a romantic getaway on each trip is a simple way to improve your relationship with your partner. Having adult conversations and being able to indulge yourself at a spa can make for an exceptional experience. This is especially true if you visit a place as special and luxurious as Innisbrook Golf Resort in Tampa, Florida. My husband and I went on another of our couple’s getaways. We love doing this whenever we visit my parents  in the US. They get quality time with their grandsons and we get some much needed rest. This...

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Virginia Beach – A Visit to Founders Inn and Spa Off Season

A picture perfect inn in Virginia Beach that is romantic enough for a couple’s getaway but still pet-friendly enough to include a dog park on premises? Yes, please! Learn how one TravelingMom fell in love with Founders Inn and Spa. There are tons of perks of traveling off season, but when it comes to beach destinations, the best by far is being able to enjoy gorgeous resorts without the all of the nuttiness from the crowds. That’s why, during a short romantic getaway my husband and I decided to go for a visit to Virginia Beach in January. The...

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Best Travel Hacks for Families

It has been said a lot and you will read it once again – traveling with the family is one of the best experiences EVA! However, there are a few aspects that can make it stressful, expensive an a lot less enjoyable for the parents. Here are some travel hacks for families to reduce stress and expenses – guaranteed! You wouldn’t believe how many stressful trips I’ve had with my family. But after a few years of trial and error, I’ve managed to make it all go smoother. These might seem simple, but in the beginning, I was so stressed...

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Hiking with Dogs – My Favorite Way to Go on Nature Walks with My Puppy

Going on short family hikes is a lot of fun, and they can be even better when you bring your furry friends along. However, not all breeds of dogs are known for being athletic. Luckily there are things out there that can make traveling with pets a better experience. Having a small yet spacious and comfy puppy carrier is a great idea. Both of my sons and my husband love being outside and doing all sorts of sports. It’s not like they are out on some back country trail or climbing precipices each weekend, but they do like it way...

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Luxury Romantic Getaway Staying at the Presidential Suite at Sheraton Atlantic City

Each year my husband and I like to go on at least two romantic getaways. For the most recent one, we decided to visit Atlantic City, New Jersey. Since this is a rare occasion, we decided to go all out and stay at the Presidential Suite at Sheraton Atlantic City. It was by far the best experience we have had during out romantic escapades. A few years ago my husband and I decided that, aside from dinner dates, we should also make an effort to go on at least two romantic getaways each year. This usually happens when my family and...

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