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Marina Kuperman Villatoro is CEO of, a travel resource site to inspire families to travel with kids of all ages. She's been an expat 10+ years in Central America raising 2 boys in a multicultural, trilingual household. We travel all over the world. Needless to say, it’s never boring! So find out where you can eat, stay and play with your kids all around the world.

Best Travel Hacks for Families

It has been said a lot and you will read it once again – traveling with the family is one of the best experiences EVA! However, there are a few aspects that can make it stressful, expensive an a lot less enjoyable for the parents. Here are some travel hacks for families to reduce stress and expenses – guaranteed! You wouldn’t believe how many stressful trips I’ve had with my family. But after a few years of trial and error, I’ve managed to make it all go smoother. These might seem simple, but in the beginning, I was so stressed...

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Hiking with Dogs – My Favorite Way to Go on Nature Walks with My Puppy

Going on short family hikes is a lot of fun, and they can be even better when you bring your furry friends along. However, not all breeds of dogs are known for being athletic. Luckily there are things out there that can make traveling with pets a better experience. Having a small yet spacious and comfy puppy carrier is a great idea. Both of my sons and my husband love being outside and doing all sorts of sports. It’s not like they are out on some back country trail or climbing precipices each weekend, but they do like it way...

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Luxury Romantic Getaway Staying at the Presidential Suite at Sheraton Atlantic City

Each year my husband and I like to go on at least two romantic getaways. For the most recent one, we decided to visit Atlantic City, New Jersey. Since this is a rare occasion, we decided to go all out and stay at the Presidential Suite at Sheraton Atlantic City. It was by far the best experience we have had during out romantic escapades. A few years ago my husband and I decided that, aside from dinner dates, we should also make an effort to go on at least two romantic getaways each year. This usually happens when my family and...

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Best Road Trip Ideas in the Northeast USA

Road trips can be so much fun. My family and I always have a blast and truly bond when we go on one. One of our absolute favorite routes is visiting the northeastern United States. Here are some of our favorite places on that route, with an itinerary your family may love as much as we did. If you asked me how I like to travel when with family and friends, I’d say by car. Whenever we can, we rent a car and take off exploring. We always have an amazing time. It almost forces us to talk and share stuff that we...

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Family Skiing and Snowboarding in Vermont – Stowe Ski Resort

After 25 years of not practicing any winter sports, I finally decided to go skiing along with my husband and sons, who had never been on snow. I booked snowboarding lessons at Stowe Ski Resort, which ended up being a big success. We all had a lot of fun on the slopes. Snowboarding in Vermont was definitely one of the highlights of the year for my family. Family Skiing and Snowboarding in Vermont – Stowe Ski Resort Something that you might not know about me is that, back when I lived in the US ,I was semi-pro downhill skier....

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Wyndham Philadelphia in the Old City – Review

I was about to start planning a romantic getaway in Philadelphia for my husband and me. I knew I wanted to see all of the cool historic sites and old buildings so I started searching for a hotel in the Historic District. While doing this task (which I love!) I came across tons of reviews, mostly positive about Wyndham Philadelphia Historic District Hotel. I immediately knew this would be the right one for us. My husband and I were going on a romantic getaway to Philadelphia. The only things I knew for sure about it were: 1. I wanted...

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Three Generations Having Fun at Stowe Mountain Resort

My family does not return to a place already visited unless it is an absolutely magical place for us. Stowe Vermont, with its gorgeous scenery, definitely fits that description for us. Recently I decided that my parents and brother should come along for a multi-generational skiing and snowboarding adventure, Stowe-style. It was a huge success! We all had a blast in the slopes. Three Generations Having Fun at Stowe Mountain Resort If you have been following my family’s adventures through the United States, Europe and Central America, you probably already know that returning to a place several times is extremely rare in...

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The Family Friendly Winter Activities at Smuggler’s Notch Resort – Vermont

My family and I were spending our winter vacations in Vermont and decided to make Smuggler’s Notch Resort our home base for three nights. But we quickly discovered that our time frame was a mistake, due to the insane amount of activities for families that the resort offers. We should have stayed for at least a week. There were tons of activities that we never got to try but the ones we did try were a lot of fun. I bet that whenever you think about winter activities, the first thing you think of is some huge resort that...

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Smuggler’s Notch Resort, Vermont – Review Part 1

My family and I decided to visit Smuggler’s Notch Resort in Vermont once more. But this time we did it during the winter months. I thought that spending three nights in it would be enough but I was wrong. It offers too many fun activities. Just exploring the area that surrounded our condo took one full day.   Smuggler’s Notch Resort, Vermont There is a phenomenon that I’ve noticed among kids (and some adults). They YEARN for snow. It took me a while to realize that, because I grew up in snow. For me it’s not a novelty. But...

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Pet Friendly Cabin Rentals in Vermont

My family and I have a policy of not repeating destinations, but Vermont managed to make us change our minds. We decided to return once more for a winter vacation at Pet Friendly Cabin Rentals. It ended up being an amazing experience at a small farm near the largest resorts of the area. But the best part was that the place is pet friendly. So my puppy was able to come along. Pet Friendly Cabin Rentals in Vermont Before I start narrating my experience I want you to close your eyes and start imagining what your perfect winter wonderland...

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