Carissa Rogers

Carissa Rogers

In Carissa Rogers' former life she was a molecular biologist. In her current life she is the chief researcher of bloggy karma, family travel destinations, Charlotte family fun, and she pretends to be a photographer...a mom of all trades.

How to Create Your Own Passport Photo for Free (or Cheap)

My oldest needs an updated passport complete with a new photo. At a local pharmacy, that would cost $14. JUST FOR THE PHOTO? Ca-razy. If all 5 of us needed one, that’s 70 bucks! So I needed a way to create our own passport photos for free. Even worse. On that photo, when we took the paper work in for the renewal, the clerk was concerned the image wasn’t sized correctly and likely would NOT be accepted. Did we still want to proceed? Sheesh! We sent the photos in anyway, and surprisingly all was well. I figured if the...

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Revamped & Family Friendly: Crown Reef Resort in Myrtle Beach, SC – Hotel Review

Myrtle Beach is what it is. It’s crowded. It’s brash. It’s entertaining. If you’re looking for beachy deals in the middle of the summer busy season, it will be tough. For real savings in Myrtle Beach wait until the shoulder seasons when the largest rooms are half the price of small rooms during peak. Resorts wrap themselves up and down the ‘Grand Strand’ of the gorgeous South Carolina real estate. Many are pricey and less than family friendly. Expect to pay upwards of $300-$400 per night for a suite sleeping 4, maybe 5 in a pinch. Choose to stay...

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What’s the ONE Thing Grown in your Region You’re Most Passionate About?

Ask anyone from various regions of the world. There’s always one thing grown local (or manufactured or brewed or smoked) and they will be FIERCELY passionate about it being the most perfect because it’s from their city/state/region. That ONE thing. I grew up in Idaho where the almighty spud is queen, don’t even talk to me about potatoes grown in Oregon or Long Island. WHAT?! Just no. Stop that blasphemy now. Did you know? More peaches are grown in South Carolina than any other state.   What about Georgia you ask? Nope. Turns out they just happen to have...

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Are the Beaches Safe after the North Carolina Shark Attacks?

Thousands of people have beach and ocean vacations planned this summer. We’re one of those families. Making plans for 3 separate North and South Carolina ocean outings over the next 2 months. We’re headed to Topsail Beach in July and August. Only a few miles north of the recent North Carolina Shark Attacks in the area of Oak Island. Several news reports including CNN have shared the current status of the two teens (one girl and one boy) who each lost a limb in the shark attacks. So far the reports are that they are doing well. The strangest...

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Off the Beaten Path… Exploring Hartsville, SC

In Memorial Days past, when we lived close to family we’ve located family graves and given proper respect to generations come before. Including a picnic to keep the younger kids happy of course. In recent years we haven’t lived near family or forefathers, instead choosing to spend the day researching local National Cemeteries. This year we thought living in South Carolina we could locate a Civil War Battlefield & Cemetery within driving distance… we were wrong! But we found a hidden gem in Hartsville, SC instead. Very Few Civil War Battles were Fought in South Carolina This came as...

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Do You Warrior Dash? Or Mud Run? {POV Video}

Ever heard of a Warrior Dash? Or a Spartan Race? Or maybe a good old fashioned Mud Run? Yeah pretty much that’s what this is. Insert 13 Obstacles dotted through a 5K race course including at least one giant vat of a huge Mud Hole and that— my friends is the Warrior Dash. We ran it last year in Charlotte, NC with no warning or any clue what it would be like. Let me SHOW you what a Warrior Dash is! This year we came prepared. Even if you are a fast runner… maybe you can run a 5...

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10 Best Family Vacation Spots in the World

Glancing through the list of top 10 countries most open to travel as determined by an international forum, Europe ranks well with 6 of the top 10, along with the United States, Canada, Australia and Japan. Spain is was named the best vacation spot in the world for the first time in the history of the research group. Our Famiy Travel Experts Reveal What’s Best About Each of These Top 10 Countries The World Economic Forum’s Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index released a biennial report using 14 different criteria surrounding “sustainable economic and societal benefits through their travel and tourism sector.”...

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Disney Isn’t the Only Place on Earth. There’s Magic Everywhere!

I’m not trying to incite a riot. I love The Mouse. We crafted a Minnie Mouse costume for Halloween once. My daughters were Cinder-Beauty-Mermaids when they were young. Yes my kids have been to both Disneyland and Disney World. More than once. (I’m not THAT mean.) And we almost made it to Disneyland Paris last year. I simply don’t like the HYPE. And all the ‘stuff’ hawked from every corner. Put Your Pitchforks Away Disney Parks are a whole lotta “theme,” light on the thrill, with insane pricing to boot. For those reasons (and a few more) Disney is not...

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Watch as this Mom gets Pranked by her Kids on Expedition Everest Ride in Walt Disney World! {Video}

Fast Facts: The Expedition Everest Ride in Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom opened in 2006. It was the first Disney ride to run both forwards and backwards. The ride is themed around a Yeti (or Abominable Snowman) hiding in Mount Everest, destroying the tracks and wreaking havoc on the riders. The ride is built around a 200 foot artificial mountain which is the tallest of all the 20 ‘mountain’ themed rides in any Disney Park around the world. And the pranking begins… is this a baby ride? Is it scary? Our GoodNCrazy family lives near Charlotte, NC with a...

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Prom VS China | A Matter of Priorities for this GoodNCrazy Mom

Hello, this is China Calling… China? Did you just say CHINA! I need to sit down, breathe into a paper bag and get a HOLD of my inner Chi for a second. Okay. There. I’m back. Yes, YES(!) I would like to travel to China with a group of other bloggers! Wait. What was the date again? Because I thought you said the last weekend in April. Please no. Please tell me it’s Any. Other. Week. Than. THAT. Week. Because. PROM. I have a senior daughter. PROM? All the drama and all the fun and all the photographing and...

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