Elizabeth Rodgers

Elizabeth Rodgers

Elizabeth Rodgers is an avid traveler, award-winning filmmaker and Los Angeles native who lives in Boise, Idaho. She is also someone who never thought in a million years that she would live in a place like Boise... and she loves it. Elizabeth is also a screenwriter and filmmaker, having produced and directed documentary films that have appeared on PBS and educational television worldwide, most notably Exodus 1947. She has written for Paramount Pictures, Showtime Entertainment, Carsey-Werner, and Robert Evans Productions, among others. She is well-traveled, missing only the continents of Australia and Antarctica.

Five Free Things To Do In Boise

Boise is the City of Trees.  I’ve lived here for two years now, having moved from Los Angeles, where I grew up.  While I miss the diversity of food, I definitely do not miss the traffic.  Despite its size, there is so much to do in Boise, especially with your children.   The Idaho State Capitol reopened in January 2010 after an 18 month renovation.  The beautiful building, modeled on the national Capitol building was lovingly restored and is currently so pristine, it feels like what it must have been like when it first opened. Even the tiled bathrooms...

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Off the Beaten Path: Take a North Idaho Mine Tour

To get a better understanding of how Idaho became a state and Idaho in general, you really have to go up North. That’s where the logging and mining industries developed and brought people and resources to the territory that became the 43rd state. Yes, you can have an educational vacation in North Idaho – and get in some great skiing to boot. We’ve been to North Idaho a couple of times now, but we had never been to one of the mines. There are a couple in the Silver Valley and the one we went to was the Crystal...

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Off the Beaten Path Skiing in Idaho

In the era of Climate Change, how do you book a ski vacation with the confidence that there will actually be some snow on the slopes when you get there? In Sun Valley and Park City, they make snow, so you’re pretty safe there. But those resorts are well, elegant… and expensive. What if you just want good snow and the walk-in fireplace in the lodge is not one of your priorities? Here’s the ticket: you need to go to a ski mountain that has a ridonkulous snowfall average – like 400 inches/year. In Idaho, there are two such...

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Sun Valley Film Festival: The Third Time’s a Charm

The Sun Valley Film Festival has grown by leaps and bounds in its third year, but still retains the charm of a smaller festival. That means that the filmmakers are accessible, the national media has yet to arrive and the films are personal and authentic. The best part about planning a vacation in a resort town like Ketchum/Sun Valley is that you can do all of your resort stuff as well as being part of an artistic community for a few days. Sun Valley is (one of) the best ski mountains in the country. You can do all of...

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This Week: Sun Valley Film Festival

The Sun Valley Film Festival has taken a big step forward this year, from the number and quality of films, to the artists involved … the momentum is undeniable. Starting this week in Ketchum and Sun Valley, Idaho, there will be screenwriters lab, a panel on the dynamic new directions of content distribution, premiers of several films as well as a 20th Anniversary screening of Kevin Smith’s Clerks. Yes, Kevin will be there. The Sun Valley Film Festival is in its third year. This means that it still has the charm of a grass-roots festival: artists are accessible, the...

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Off the Beaten Path: Savor Idaho 2013 — What’s New?

As soon as I arrived at Savor Idaho, I ran into the ubiquitous Jessica Flynn, owner of Red Sky PR, who is such a foodie, winie (wino?) and supporter of the Idaho culinary scene, she would have been there even if she wasn’t working. It’s always nice to eat and drink with Jess — she’s… enthusiastic. Someone to savor. It was a gorgeous early summer day at the Idaho Botanical Garden. Not too hot like it can be in Idaho (but, it’s a dry 95), just right. Still green, not yet brown. Early June in Idaho is a moment...

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Rent a Bike in Santa Monica and Spot Celebrities

In Santa Monica, walking is too slow. Driving, on the other hand, makes you miss the good stuff: the people. You don’t want to miss the people. One of the best ways to cover a lot of ground is to rent a bicycle.  You can lock it up and switch to the footmobile as often as there are poles to chain the bike to. I used to live in Santa Monica and so when I visited a friend there, we decided to rent bikes on the boardwalk at Perry’s. They have multiple locations in Santa Monica and Venice; we...

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Off the Beaten Path: Cat Skiing in Idaho

Ever thought about heli skiing, but the price tag was just too steep? Yeah, me neither. Too scary. But what about cat skiing? You stay on the ground, you get fresh tracks, virgin powder, backcountry skiing for a fraction of the cost of heli skiing… My husband and a group of his friends all ski at different levels.  You don’t have to be an expert skier to cat ski, you just really have to want to ski powder. Brundage Mountain Resort, 100 miles north of Boise in McCall, offers backcountry skiing with two guides, powder skis, a delicious lunch...

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Off the Beaten Track: Sun Valley Film Festival

You missed it!  It ran in mid-March.  But there are lots of reasons why you need to put a pin in your calendar for next year’s Sun Valley Film Festival and make sure you get your butt there this time next year.   Have you ever been to the Sun Valley? Sun Valley itself is like a little bit of paradise.  All of the great spots in Idaho are this way: majestic, pristine and a little wild.  There are less than 1.6 million people in the whole state, so even when it’s “crowded,” it’s manageable. The ski resort is...

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Off the Beaten Path: Whoop Um Up National Recreation Trail

If you have children who are still in the single digits, you know that it’s hard to take them on a hike or nature walk. It’s like they have an auto-complain chip in their heads: “I can’t go any farther! My legs are tired! I have a pain in my side.” I’ve found a great starter trail for all of you.  It’s a day trip from Boise — an hour from Downtown and it’s loads of fun during all seasons. To read more about the Whoop Um Up Trail near Idaho City, click...

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