Desiree Miller

Desiree Miller is a veteran television news journalist who loves to travel for business and pleasure. There are four children in her family, from 8 to 18, who have become travel experts, as well. She shares stories of inspiration, hope and humor on her site, She specializes in video on her sites so that her readers can get as much of the experience as she does. She also maintains Bottles to Britches, an international premier baby planning business that helps overwhelmed parents figure out who and what they need to ease into life with a stress free baby-to-be and beyond, and organizes the Atlanta Baby and Child Expo each year.

Tech and Travel: Perfect Pairing in Atlanta

Travel truly is my favorite gift, but cool tech gadgets come in as a close second. Why? Because combining tech and travel makes life so much easier — and fun.  While attending a recent Tech and Travel event in Atlanta, I hosted a couple dozen of my favorite friends (who happen to have their own web sites about tech or travel). We all learned about several of the hottest options when it comes to tech for this holiday. After attending the recent Tech and Travel event in Atlanta, here are my top tech and travel holiday picks, from cameras to home security...

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Emerald View Resorts

If you are looking for a new happy place, Emerald View Resorts in Panama City Beach is a good place to start for family-friendly places to stay. So, you want to get away to the beach for a little fun in the sun, but have no idea where to stay or what to do?  I’ve got your back, at least when it comes to family fun in Panama City Beach, Florida.  It’s about a five and a half hour drive from Atlanta, a small distance to go in order to get your fill of what—if it’s not already—will become...

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Alabama Beaches: A Whole Different State for Family Fun

There’s something for everyone in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama. You can do much more than sit on the beach, though that’s just fine if that makes you happy. You can go kayaking, eat seafood galore and other special treats, hit the spa, go on a sunset cruise…the sky is the limit. When you think of taking a trip to the beach, odds are Alabama’s coastline isn’t the first place that comes to mind. But a trip to Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, Alabama, just might change that. That’s because this region offers more than a chance to sit...

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How Many Cruises Could You Take in a Year?

How many times do you think you could cruise in a year…on the same ship? Janice and Bernard Caffary own the title of ‘Mom and Dad’ on the ship Carnival Sensation because they have cruised—get this– 122 times (as of Feb. 16, 2016). How do they do it, and how do they pay for it all? Some people love cruising so much, they say they’d like to live on a cruise ship.  Janice and Bernard Caffary almost do.  In fact, they say when they go home – to their physical house in central Florida – their neighbors ask them...

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Movies & Travel: Live Your Fantasy through Set-Jetting

Where do you get your travel inspiration?  If it’s from a movie or TV show, you’re not alone…more than 40 million international travelers say the big screen—and little one—contribute to what destinations they visit…or at least dream of visiting.  It’s called set-jetting and it’s helping us live out some of the fun from our favorite shows. Movies and Travel It’s easy to fall in love with certain destinations when you see them in your favorite movie or TV series, and it can inspire you to want to go see those spots for yourself. The first one that comes to...

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A Day in Paris: The Louvre and Notre Dame Castle (part one)

If there’s one piece of art instantly recognizable by anyone over the age of three, it’s the Mona Lisa. So, if you are visiting Paris, heading to the Louvre Museum, where she makes her home, should be on your list of must-do’s, along with a stop at the Notre Dame Cathedral, a short walk away. Both will move you and leave memories to last a lifetime. Admittedly, the Eiffel Tower is the must-see on most tourist’s lists when in Paris, but right behind that, be certain to spend some time at the Louvre museum and the Cathedral of Notre...

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A Skip-the-Line Eiffel Tower Tour in Paris, France (Part Two)

Our journey to the Eiffel Tower was a bit of a race, where we weren’t sure we’d make it to our ‘Paris Night Combo: Skip-the-Line Eiffel Tower Tour and Seine River Cruise with Champagne’, and that would have been devastating. We only had about 28 hours in Paris and this tour was priority one.  You can read about our race to make the tour here.  This article is all about our tour up and into the Eiffel Tower.  The ‘Skip-the-Line Eiffel Tower Tour’ is very much an incredibly interesting history lesson in the most beautiful classroom on Earth. We...

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One Night in Paris: Making our Way to the Eiffel Tower & a Cruise on the Seine (Part One)

My 10 year old daughter decided she HAD to see the Eiffel Tower in Paris way back when she was all of five years old and enthralled with anything Barbie, especially the movies that she watched over and over and over.  Her favorite was Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale, which was set in Paris and included dogs and dresses—her favorite things.  But seeing the Eiffel Tower in the movie sparked a wish in her that grew with her as she aged.  We tackled our tour with a cruise by boat before heading to the top of the tower. When we...

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Rivers of Light Transforms Disney’s Animal Kingdom After Dark

The Rivers of Light show at Disney’s Animal Kingdom kicks off the start of evening hours at the park. Watch a video of this mesmerizing show. You can marvel at the beauty and harmony of all living things during this music-filled water and light show. Rivers of Light at Disney World In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight… Well, sorry to have to say this, but the words to that song are wrong. I know this because I saw the lions more active than I’ve ever seen them before while on the Kilimanjaro Safari – a...

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Day Stays: Enjoy Hotel Amenities Without Staying Overnight

There’s a new way to enjoy the amenities of great hotels, even if you aren’t staying there overnight.  Day stays, also called micro-stays, give travelers the option of enjoying the best of a hotel amenities, without the expense of staying all night. Day Stays: Enjoy Hotel Amenities Without Staying Overnight Day Stays.  They’re a popular option for business travelers who might have a long layover, as well as families staying overnight at less expensive alternatives who want to enjoy exclusive amenities during the daylight hours. Barak Hirschowitz of the International Luxury Hotel Association says, “Micro-stays are becoming more and more...

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