Denedriane (Dee) Dean

Denedriane (Dee) Dean

Denedriane (Dee) Dean is a sunny wife and mom of two young adults and one lively teenager. She lives in the lovely landscapes of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, and blogs at Refreshing Talk. As a homeschooling parent of more than 14 years, Dee believes every moment in life can be a learning experience, including (and especially) the traveling moments. She enjoys traveling with all of her family, just her husband, and by herself, on occasion. Dee believes that the world is so much bigger than her backyard, and loves to give her readers a taste of what she has experienced in her USA travels, and abroad.

8 Top Places to Visit in Andalusia, Spain

Palaces. A Fortress. Cathedrals. Flamenco dancing. And a touch of Star Wars. All of these things and more await you in a visit to the southern province of Andalusia, Spain. This region is rich in culture and architecture, and our 4 day visit made a lasting impression on Serendipity TravelingMom and her family. If you have ever wanted to experience the intersection of cultures and history, this is a place worth putting on your “must-do” travel list, and this is her 8 top places to visit in Andalusia, Spain. To travel abroad is quite an enriching experience for everyone...

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Ask a TMOM: First Time Disney Trip – Seeing All the Princesses!

One of the most special travel moments is taking a little princess to Disney World for the first time. How can parents and grandparents make it super special? Here is a question from one of our readers on that very topic. Our family travel experts weigh in with some of their insights and enthusiastic advice! A First Time Disney Trip Question From a Reader Reader Mel H. sent us this question: “We have saved up for several years to take our 7 year-old, princess-loving daughter to Disney World. I want to make this trip as memorable as possible. Could...

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7 Best Places to Stay Cool at Disney Springs

Staying cool in the Sunshine State is the name of the game, especially in the summer months. In addition, many people need a break from the Disney Parks during a stay because the heat can become unbearable. So where can a person stay cool and still have some Disney fun? Disney Springs offers some clever and scenic places to shop, eat…and beat the heat!   How To Really Stay Cool at Disney Springs Staying cool involves more than just NOT being in the direct heat of the sun. It also means getting in a space to relax, away from...

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5 Disney Nail Design Ideas for your next trip to Disney World

Part of the fun of a trip to a Disney Park is to look the part, head to toe! Tee shirts, pins, jewelry, and bags are just a few ways we ladies jazz up our outfits to reflect our inner Disney fan girl. So, how about rocking a great Disney-themed manicure or pedicure? Fingers and toes make great canvases for Disney nail art. Here are 5 Disney nail design ideas for your next trip to Disney World. Where do I start with ideas for a good Disney mani? There are so many different ways to go with the Disney...

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Ask a TMOM: Best Places to Stay in Munich, Venice, and Paris?

One of the most important pieces of traveling as a family is finding accommodations that work for your crew. It can be a bit tricky, depending on the number of travelers, their ages, and their specific needs. This can be especially true when planning a family trip abroad. Where can you go for insight into some of the best family places to stay in Europe? Check out what some of our TravelingMoms recommend to a reader with the same question! Ask a TMOM question from reader Sherry K: “What are good hotels to stay at in Munich, Venice and...

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Ask a TMOM: Best Tips for Traveling Alone With a Baby?

We moms can be very cool under pressure. That is until we have to take a baby on a plane, by ourselves. Yikes! Just the thought of orchestrating this adventure can feel overwhelming. It may seem a daunting task , traveling alone with a baby. Nevertheless, it can be done, and be done with style. Check out a question from a reader and our Travelingmoms’ input and best tips! Ask a TravelingMom question from a reader: “My 4 month-old son and I will be taking our first flight and trip alone together. We are going to Miami for a...

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Ask a TravelingMom: Best Places For Taking the Grandkids on Vacation?

Time with grandparents is time that is ripe for making memories. No matter what the grandkids get to do, there is sure to be fun and learning. One of our readers is a grandmother on the move and she wants to know great places for taking grandkids on vacation with her. Our TravelingMoms weigh in and offer some fun and interesting travel destinations! Ask a TravelingMom question from Linda G: “I take my grandsons on a trip every year in June, and I’m running out of ideas. We have done NYC, Chicago, sand dunes, water parks, etc. in North...

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Ask a TMOM: Best Tips for Planning a Family Vacation to Disney World?

From managing Fastpasses to securing accommodations (and everything in between), organizing a family trip to Walt Disney World can seem like quite a daunting task. Where does one start? Where is a great place to stay? How does one work within a budget? What time of the year is the busiest? Not to worry! Our TravelingMoms have been there, and they are here to offer some insightful tips for planning a family vacation to Disney World! Tips When Planning a Family Vacation to Disney World Planning a family vacation to Disney World can be a hot mess. So many...

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Ask a TravelingMom: “Best Tips for a Multigenerational Trip to Alaska?”

Thinking about a trip to Alaska with a lot of family members? A visit to the Last Frontier is a great way for a family to enjoy a new destination and make memories for a lifetime. Our TravelingMoms know a thing or two about how to best visit the 49th state with family members of all ages. Here they share some of their best tips for a successful multigenerational visit to Alaska! Question: “My husband and I would like to take our family of 11, from age 2 to seniors (us) the third week in July to Alaska. Is...

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Have a Travel Question? Ask a TravelingMom!

Part of the fun of traveling is being able to ask questions! Asking indulges one’s curiosity, and gives fresh wind to wanting to go places. TravelingMoms not only share about the travel adventures we’ve had, but we enjoy answering our readers’ queries about those places and more. Here’s a little bit more about our Ask a TravelingMom section! Sometimes you just need a good place to start – a place where you can get all your information in one spot. The TravelingMom Network is 70+ traveling moms and grandmothers from all across the United States, Canada, Central America and...

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