Denedriane (Dee) Dean, Serendipity TravelingMom

Denedriane (Dee) Dean, Serendipity TravelingMom

Denedriane (Dee) Dean is a sunny wife and mom of two young adults and one lively teenager. She lives in the lovely landscapes of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, and blogs at Refreshing Talk. As a homeschooling parent of more than 14 years, Dee believes every moment in life can be a learning experience, including (and especially) the traveling moments. She enjoys traveling with all of her family, just her husband, and by herself, on occasion. Dee believes that the world is so much bigger than her backyard, and loves to give her readers a taste of what she has experienced in her USA travels, and abroad.

Ask a TMOM: Best Tips for Planning a Family Vacation to Disney World?

From managing Fastpasses to securing accommodations (and everything in between), organizing a family trip to Walt Disney World can seem like quite a daunting task. Where does one start? Where is a great place to stay? How does one work within a budget? What time of the year is the busiest? Not to worry! Our TravelingMoms have been there, and they are here to offer some insightful tips for planning a family vacation to Disney World! Tips When Planning a Family Vacation to Disney World Planning a family vacation to Disney World can be a hot mess. So many...

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Ask a TravelingMom: “Best Tips for a Multigenerational Trip to Alaska?”

Thinking about a trip to Alaska with a lot of family members? A visit to the Last Frontier is a great way for a family to enjoy a new destination and make memories for a lifetime. Our TravelingMoms know a thing or two about how to best visit the 49th state with family members of all ages. Here they share some of their best tips for a successful multigenerational visit to Alaska! Question: “My husband and I would like to take our family of 11, from age 2 to seniors (us) the third week in July to Alaska. Is...

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Have a Travel Question? Ask a TravelingMom!

Part of the fun of traveling is being able to ask questions! Asking indulges one’s curiosity, and gives fresh wind to wanting to go places. TravelingMoms not only share about the travel adventures we’ve had, but we enjoy answering our readers’ queries about those places and more. Here’s a little bit more about our Ask a TravelingMom section! Sometimes you just need a good place to start – a place where you can get all your information in one spot. The TravelingMom Network is 70+ traveling moms and grandmothers from all across the United States, Canada, Central America and...

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4 Memorable Things To Do in Paris as a Family!

Visiting a cosmopolitan city such as Paris is a special experience. There are conventional ways to see this city, such as visiting museums and historic landmarks. And there are also plenty of fun things to do in Paris to take in its beauty and get a full taste of all that it has to offer. From the hotel to visiting Disneyland Paris, there is much to see this fair city! Our Family Goes to France My family and I got to Paris, France, by way of our stay in Spain. My husband was determined that we would spend a few days...

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Places to Experience the History of NASA and Space Exploration

How cool is it to travel AND learn about history in the same trip? With interest in the space program on the rise due to the upcoming release of the new movie Hidden Figures, NASA Centers around the country are great destinations to include in your travels. We can touch history and see firsthand the passion for space exploration. My Prelaunch Story  As far back as I can remember, I have had a fascination with all things space. I’m from Hampton, Virginia, and I lived in close proximity to Langley Research Center and its visitors center. Like many children,...

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The passport application process can be a daunting process. Detailed paperwork to consider, photos to take, and costs to incur  — all can be overwhelming. But obtaining a passport is not as difficult as it seems. Serendity TravelingMom’s family completed their passport application process just last year. Here are a few things they learned that can make the passport application process easier and stress-free. Ready to Travel: Passport Application Process A wonderful opportunity to travel to Salamanca, Spain was the reason that my family and I began thinking about applying for a passport. Up until that point, all our...

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A Road Trip Checklist for Your Vehicle: Being Prepared Inside and Out

What is the one thing that can make road tripping easier? A road trip checklist! With all that goes into piling everyone into the car for a vacation, having a list to go by is invaluable. Some of the TravelingMoms share their best tips for vehicle prep, what to have in the car, and more!   A Road Trip Checklist for Your Vehicle: Being Prepared Inside and Out I have a confession to make: I enjoy a good road trip. I always have. There is nothing quite like being together with my family and heading toward a destination that...

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The Credit Card Chip: How Does It keep Travelers Safer?

Staying safe when you travel includes ensuring your money and personal identity stay safe. From making reservations to point-of-sale transactions, Serendipity TravelingMom Dee Dean says the new credit card chip can make travel safer. Traveling with a Chip Card I have had fraudulent purchases charged to my debit card. It is absolutely no picnic to have to deal with, especially when travelling overseas. It happened 2 weeks into my trip to Salamanca Spain. I am just so thankful that my bank was helpful and that I was able to recover the money that was stolen from my account. Recent (and...

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3 Must-See Places to Visit in Segovia, Spain!

Sturdy shoes for walking and a good camera are necessities. A step counter is optional but worth it to have. And a love for history and culture are most welcome. Segovia, Spain is the home of two World Heritage Sites, and there are no less than three iconic places that you have to see while visiting this historic city northwest of Madrid.  We visited Segovia as a family of five, and we touched a structure from antiquity, made a connection with Walt Disney, and connected a little more with the history of Spain! 3 Must-See Places to Visit in Segovia,...

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