Dia Adams, Travel Hack TravelingMom

Dia Adams, Travel Hack TravelingMom

Dia Adams is a Mom of two elementary school kids in the DC Metro area. Between growing up foreign service and working in consulting, she built up a serious love of travel that included visiting over 30 countries and living in Thailand, China, and Ireland (where her son was born). With extensive trial (and occasional error) her family has learned to balance passion for travel with the reality of, well, real life with two kids. Dia blogs at TheDealMommy.com to share hacks that help families travel more while still maintaining their savings and sanity.

Disney World Ticket Secrets That Save Families Real Money

We here at Traveling Mom are Disney World experts. But even an expert can learn something new about Disney World. Today I’m sharing Disney World Ticket Secrets that will save you hundreds on your next trip! As Travel Hack Traveling Mom, I’ve done five Disney Parks trips in the last year. It’s safe to say I have earned my Disney World tips and tricks badge. However, reader Kathy clued me in on a Disney World ticket secret that seemed too good to be true. After a chat with Disney, I can share it with you: When you buy a...

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eBay: A Surprising Source for Travel Deals

Who doesn’t love eBay? If you need kids’ clothes or an antique lunch box you already know it’s the place to go. But did you know eBay can also save you a ton on travel? Here’s the scoop on how to use eBay to score travel deals. eBay: A Surprising Source for Travel Deals As Travel Hack Traveling Mom, my job is to show you unexpected ways to save on travel. One of my favorites is a site I’m sure you know well: eBay.  Most folks use eBay for collectibles or used kids gear but I find it a consistent source...

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Greenbrier Resort Review: Summer All Year Round

  The Greenbrier Resort in West Sulphur Springs, West Virginia has hosted 26 presidents and more royalty- both actual and Hollywood- than you can count. During the Cold War it even acted as a top secret bunker! Traveling Mom Dia Adams visits The Greenbrier to see if a hotel fit for Congress is a good fit for your family. In 1778 a Lady Took a Bath… So begins the legend of The Greenbrier Resort: in 1778 “the waters” of West Sulphur Springs, West Virginia were discovered to have healing properties. The Greenbrier was known as the “Saratoga of the...

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Jeff Probst Shares Family Travel Tips, Location Faves, and the Joy He Gets From Survivor

Jeff Probst is not only executive producer and host of Survivor and author of the Stranded book series, he’s a Traveling Dad as well. Jeff’s stepson and stepdaughter are regulars on Survivor shoots and, at 12 and 9, are expert travelers themselves. This Traveling Mom was thrilled for the chance to chat with Jeff about what he has learned from so much time traveling with kids. Dreams come true. How else can I explain the email asking if I wanted to interview Survivor host and executive producer Jeff Probst?  Who, me? The mega-fan who has seen every episode since Richard Hatch strolled...

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Baltimore Aquarium Tips that Will Save Your Sanity

The Baltimore Aquarium is a must-see but is also costly and often crowded. While worth the price of admission, the Aquarium’s crowds can be maddening if you go in without a plan. Don’t get squished like a sardine!  Travel Hack Traveling Mom Dia Adams’ tips will make the difference between loving the Aquarium and tearing your hair out.   As a ten year member of the Baltimore Aquarium, I’m shocked at how most visitors get the place exactly wrong. With that in mind, I put together this two hour tour that I’ve been using with my own kids since...

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Costco Living Social Deal – and Why it Matters to Travelers

Costco is one of my favorite sources for travel hacks and Living Social has just released one of my favorite deals! For the cost of a basic membership you get an extra $20 cash card and coupons for stuff you already use.  The coupons vary from deal to deal but in the past have included items such as a free 24 pack of AA batteries and a free Rotisserie Chicken. Costco for Travel Deals? You betcha! I find major savings in two ways: Discount Gift Cards: I’ve seen 25% off theme park tickets, discount ski lift passes, restaurant gift cards with freebies and...

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Priceless Surprises Deal: A Hotel Night for 10 Postage Stamps

IHG Hotels Pointbreaks, a list of hotels that go for only 5,000 points a night, are one of the best deals in travel. For the next few weeks, what’s normally a great deal becomes jaw-dropping: With Priceless Surprises you can get a room for the price of 10 stamped envelopes.   PointBreaks and Priceless Surprises IHG Hotels Pointbreaks, a list of hotels that go for only 5,000 points a night, are one of the best deals in travel.  The new list, out today, has hotels you book up until April 30th all around the world.  I find Pointbreaks really useful,...

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My Secret for Discount Airport Parking: Meet Parking Panda

Parking at major city airports can cost more than the plane ticket…unless you know the secret to getting a great deal on daily parking. This option will get you nearby parking, a warm place to wait for the shuffle and drop off right at your airport terminal. Parking Near the Airport Headed home for the Holidays? The parking bill at the airport can cost more than the ticket! I’m just back from a weekend away where I utilized one of my favorite discount airport parking secrets: Parking Panda. Parking Panda is this awesome site (also available as an app)...

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100% IHG Hotels Points Bonus: The Best Hotel Deal of the Year

Cyber Monday may be over but the travel deals aren’t! The 100% IHG Hotels points bonus is my single favorite hotel promotion of the year. Learn why stocking up on points now will save you big later. How big? How about $30/night hotel room big? IHG Points Deal I’m not a fan of buying hotel points, with one blazing exception: IHG Points at IHG Hotels points bonus time. In a Cyber Week deal that has been extended till 12/2, IHG is offering a Bonus promotion with 100% bonus points. That means you get 1 point free for every one you...

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AMEX Offers: A No-Brainer Way to Save on Disney World Tickets (and Lots More)

There’s nothing better than saving money by doing nothing more than you normally do. AMEX Offers is just that- if you have an American Express card all you have to do is register for a specific offer and dollars come right off your bill when you make a purchase at that merchant. No muss, no fuss! Even better, through 12/31 AMEX Offers features one I know many of you can use: Undercover Tourist – my favorite source for discount Disney World (and many other attraction) tickets. Great! How Do I Get in on AMEX Offers? Well, first you do...

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